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The OI DIY Guide for Supporting Beautiful Hair

Want to learn how to look great while saving the environment? Healthy hair DIY has officially expanded out from the crunchy to the chic, so check out these delicious options to feast your hair upon!


As with everything I do, when it comes to herbal do-it-yourself hair care, I am a “confluence-of-factors” kind-a-guy. So I show people how to make two categories of internal and four categories external formulas and medicines when it comes to taking care of their hair. Making medicine in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do, especially with dear friends like my wonderful ally, Trinity Ava, a long-time member of the OIUSA team. Like us, I am betting that unbelievably rewarding fun is headed your way.


Ahh… let me count the ways that I love this! (or at least some of them)…

  • Have a blast
  • Make your Momma some really great elixirs
  • Protect the environment
  • Avoid supporting the gnarly chemical trades
  • Avoid the chemicals
  • Avoid xenoestrogens
  • Reduce plastic use
  • Increase thriftiness
  • Empower yourself and your children
  • Cease hurting yourself
  • Cease hurting environment
  • Enjoy 10x the quality

Oh, and by the way, did I mention “have a great time” with friends/kids? One of my favorite text messages is when I get one from Trinity and it says, “Prashantibhaiya, want to come over and make a huge mess in my kitchen?” My goodness, she and I are two of the best medicine makers I know and a big part of that is that we have so much fun making incredible menageries of messes in her kitchen that include such exquisite items like Bulgarian Rose Otto and Moroccan Neroli and Kahmenpur Tulsi and on and on! People…  Have fun! Really!


In last month’s April 2013 newsletter we went over how those anti-stress adaptogenic herbs that had a special affinity for the adrenals are an excellent foundation for supporting healthy hair because “Hair is the blossoms of the adrenals.” For the full story you can check that newsletter out here but let’s give you a quick summary in the meantime.

Hoshowu and its cousins, like the MahaMedha of Ayurveda, are some of the all-time best herbs for the adrenals. Tulsi is also a great adrenal adaptogen and as you notice I have that word anupana listed after it. This means that Tulsi is an excellent vehicle with which to consume other herbs with. So regardless of what herbs you want to take for your hair, it is a great idea to “wash them down” with Tulsi Tea. And as you can see from the list of recommended herbs a great vehicle with which to take your herbs is a tea that is made of one bag of each of the following:

Yes folks, one large cup of tea, 3+ tea bags. A burst of mirth comes out of me as I write now, “Get used to it,” in reference to the wonderful habit of consuming multiple-bag teas!  (My friends, a little inside scoop here: I drink Tulsi daily and rarely are there less than 5 bags in my cup!).


I am going to keep this section short as there is so much I want to talk about. And in fact there are different categories of herbs that directly support the hair, of which here I list what I call the Mineral Herbs as they support healthy mineral balance in the body and in the hair:

Again, you can use Tulsi as an anupana for these herbs. As far as the Triphala, remember that though we normally take Triphala last thing at night, in this case you want to divide the dose between then and first thing in the morning.


Here are some of the herbs on my own personal ‘Go-To’ list when it comes to doing anything external for the hair.

People, promise me that you will only use organic sustainable herbs for this, especially especially especially (yes, I do not care if my spell/grammar check is freaking out now) especially for the Sandalwood and Jatamansi. For the Sandalwood only only use sustainable organic Australian Santalum spicatum, and for the Jatamansi, which is a highly-endangered CITES herb, only use Jatamansi that the non-profit Dunagiri Foundation Trust deems sustainable.  And note that many of these herbs are available by the pound from ORGANIC INDIA.


Making hair oils is an important and fun part of it all. If you have ever lived in India you know that, for most people of that epic land of epic hair, an epic hair oil is part of their dinacharya, their daily routine. A while back I wrote a blog on this so feel free to peruse that. (Making Tulsi Massage Oil). Just remember when you make the oil to add key hair herbs like Triphala, Brahmi, Nettle, Rosemary and Horsetail. Also really go for the essential oils added to the oil.


Folks, of course the huge global corporations want you to retain the disempowering erroneous concepts that you need ultra-foaming soaps and shampoo in order to have proper cleanliness. Yikes. People, don’t believe a word of it!

Another Mantra that you must purge yourself of is: “I can’t” Of the many mantras that I prefer over that slow suicide victim of “I can’t” here is one of my victor favs:

“Thisiz Gonnabe Great!”

And another disempowering thought to cleanse yourself of is a version of “the grass is greener,” in that you may think that hard-to-find Ozzie Sandalwood ounces are better than the Triphala pounds so readily available. “Well that just ain’t so,” as the Triphala trio is superior in this case. Same goes for Brahmi and Neem.


“Boil 10 Reetha fruits (soap nuts) in a quart of water for 10 minutes, strain, cool, use!”

You know that moment in the old Western movies where the star says, “Its quiet out there, too quiet!” Well right about now you may be thinking, “That’s pretty simple Prashanti, too simple!” But it is not too simple; it is indeed what mothers have made for thousands of years for themselves and their families.

However, we can get more complicated, but remember, the good things in life are often simple, and feel free to add your soap and shampoo to that list. Now let’s try to complicate the above formula that has been used for the last 10,000 years in India. What I am calling Reetha fruits most people will call soap nuts.

Shampoo Recipe for 21st Century:

  1. Take 10-30 Reetha fruits in 2 quarts of water
  2. Boil 20 minutes & strain
  3. Add 1 quart water & 1 to 8 oz. of the hair herbs mentioned above
  4. Boil for 10 minutes & strain
  5. Add 1 quart water, boil, strain
  6. Can add all three recensions together and cook down
  7. Strain into sanitized jar
  8. Add 10-50 drops of essential oils
  9. Use immediately
  10. Or store in fridge 1 week
  11. Or add organic preservatives

The preservatives would be essential oils and/or 1 tsp. citric acid per quart of soap/tea. The essential oils would be things like lavender and rosemary. About that 10 to 30 fruits, and 1 to 8 ounces, and 10 to 50 drops: People, I know some of you want it exact, but I have this thing of supporting people to find their own way and to own that. So what you may see as vagueness, I see as a path to your empowerment.


We still have to talk about making incredible feasts for your hair out of items like avocados, honey, eggs and so much more. And I should tell you about the best rinses, but we are running out of space here. So I will write blogs about those important facets. Keep an eye out for them!

In the meantime know that my favorite hair rinse is simply a strong Triphala tea. Buy Triphala in bulk or open up capsules and simmer the Triphala in water. An ounce of triphala in two quarts of water is great. Just simmer this, strain, (I usually decant it as well but not always), and then serve it to de-stress your tresses (you knew I could not resist that pun, right?) slightly warm.


I have to tell you, last week I spent 6 days in Bohemia teaching about 30 folks to make their own medicines, shampoos, creams, and so much more. So I know a lot of these online newsletters are written by just copying info from websites, this one was made from some of my notes from this wonderful herbaceous medicine-making event where we used local fresh herbs as well as ORGANIC INDIA herbs. It was an incredible success. People, please learn these things and share them!

And also, I am really liking the ring of the “The OI DIY Guide” to inner & outer wellness. How does that sound to you? Perhaps we will keep this theme for the rest summer issues of the OI newsletter. It is such a beautiful empowerment and that is what ORGANIC INDIA is all about:

“Empowering the enduring deeply beautiful for the benefit of all beings.”

May you know this! Thanks so much for checking in!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Prague Old Town
May 5th, 2013