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Support Happiness with Kidney & Adrenal Care

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How would you like to significantly increase your stress resilience and look good while doing it? Read on to learn how to support your kidneys and adrenal glands!

Our Champions of Stress Resilience

Perhaps no organ more than the kidneys and no gland more than adrenals are challenged more by stress, nor are more capable of increasing our resilience to it. So feel free to take a few minutes here to relax and learn how to optimize your kidney and adrenal function, and in doing so, create the foundation of beautiful healthy hair, which in traditional medicine systems is considered to be "the blossoms of the adrenals."

Kidneys - Filtering Life

The kidneys, two small organs nestled symmetrically under our ribs in our lower back, are responsible for our urination function. But just a fraction of us understand its critical role in maintaining a balanced blood pressure, a healthy alkaline-acid balance, healthy electrolytes spectrum, optimal salt and water equilibrium, and proper purification and filtering of our blood. When you realize that in many ways “life is in the blood,” then the kidneys also become a filter of your life as well.

Empower What Empowers You

The point here is that our kidneys are very complex and yet simple, very robust and yet fragile. And what’s more, because one of the most important jobs of the kidneys is to filter our blood non-stop, it means that if our diet and lifestyle is strong and filled with potent organic food and herbs, then our kidneys are almost the first to benefit from this healthy diet, and they become stronger, and in this strength, hold space for our True Wellness, which includes the "bullet-proof vest" of the stress resilience of a champion.

Adrenals - Jet Fuel or Jet Lag

The adrenals are in constant communication with their fellow governors of balance via their own primordial e(ndocrine)mail system of data packages called hormones that are broadcast over your inner net of veins and arteries. The adrenals especially have a pretty wide bandwidth of transmission when it comes to the hypothalamus and the pituitary endocrine glands, which together forms the HPA axis, a very important system of activation and feedback loops.

Adrenals manage our response to stress by controlling the release of some seriously potent hormones which double as neurotransmitters, including the steroids cortisol, adrenaline (epinephrine) and norepinephrine. By controlling the heart rate, the flow of blood in veins and the flow of air in the lungs, and some facets of metabolism, these hormones, in literally less than a second, can take you from a state of relaxed ease to sprinting faster than seemingly possible, your version of a jet take-off. This is the famous "flight or fight" reaction, this is exactly what keeps us alive when the tiger emerges from the forest hungry for some dinner. But like running jet fuel in a normal car, if there is daily continued use of the adrenals to get away from tigers you will burn out. Simple.

Signs of Kidney/Adrenal Weakness

  • Exhaustion never wanders very far away, if at all
  • Mind dulls as adrenal sharpness loses its edge
  • Can’t wake in mornings as cortisol levels flat-line
  • Darkness under the eyes can be more liver
  • Bags under the eyes, dark bulbous bags, are classic
  • Absolutely "over-it" tired of any type of fight/flight
  • Hair falls, greys, thins, dries, gets wiry, gets "disowned"
  • Temperature fluctuates, chills-fever
  • Kidneys sensitive to touch, possible painful urination
  • Lower back begins painful negotiations for adrenals
  • Panicking when seeing lists of adrenal weakness signs

Mind as Medicine

Though the kidney and adrenals are responsible for a lot of the acute stress response, the “fight-flight” syndrome, believe me, in the long run, your mind is the real fulcrum at the center of your resilience to stress. So daily do your best to stay away from mental, emotional and physical stressors and stress, and find or create inner resolution to all stress which is unavoidable.

Things to Avoid

  • Minimize caffeine as this just triggers the kidney to invoke a major draining stress response, as caffeine, regardless of how delicious that Capp is, it is a poison to us
  • Minimize sugars and sweets and sugar is a wonderful gardener of systemic inflammation that stresses the kidney/adrenals in many ways
  • Minimize alcohol except for medicinal tinctures, kombucha, etc.
  • Minimize smoking as it especially harms the whole urinary system, including the bladder

Herbal Support for the Kidneys and Adrenals

There are hundreds of herbs which will support the kidneys and adrenals, either directly or indirectly, and of those there are several that are especially good at optimizing the whole terrain of these organs and glands. These include:

Whatever herbs you take, and however you take them, washing them down with a strong cup of Tulsi Tea will amplify their effectiveness. This is especially true with Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea or Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea. In fact, you can do what I do: in one large cup make a tea with 2-3 bags of Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea, 2-3 bags of Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea, and 2-3 bags of Tulsi Licorice Spice Tea.

We Become Our Energy's Child

Our lives start taking on the characteristics of our energy’s source, so make your choice as best as you can, as often as you can by consuming pure, potent, organic, biodynamic, premier-quality, life-force-filled food and herbs, and in doing so you create less stress on yourself, your community, and the ecosystems of our good Earth!

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