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Herbs for Meditation

istock-000009997767small.jpgFor thousands of years, the sages and gurus of India have used herbs to support their spiritual practices.

From greater mental clarity to easing discomfort from long meditation sessions, herbs offer a wide range of benefits to meditation practitioners.

In fact, the entire system of Ayurveda was designed to increase longevity, health and mental clarity in order to increase an individual’s chances of attaining enlightenment.

 For calm energy and balance

supptulsismal2l.jpgTulsi (Holy Basil), revered in India as a sacred plant, offers the meditator a wide range of benefits. As an adaptogen, Tulsi helps create balance both in the body and the mind. Tulsi provides a calm, stable energy that keeps you from falling asleep on your meditation cushion while simultaneously calming the mind. Tulsi is a fantastic asset to meditators. Learn more

For stamina, endurance and peace

ashwagandhasmall.jpgAshwagandha supports a calm nervous system while boosting stamina and endurance. Used for thousands of years in India as a rejuvenative, Ashwagandha supports a healthy immune system and helps rebuild the body’s energy reserves. Learn more


For mental clarity and focus

memorysmall.jpgORGANIC INDIA’s Memory formula contains two herbs that excel at improving mental clarity, long- and short-term memory, and focused attention- a perfect blend for meditators! As an adaptogenic blend, Memory increases circulation to the brain and provides balanced energy without stimulating the adrenal system. Learn more


 For easing phsyical discomfort

turmericsmall.jpgTurmeric excels at helping the body’s response to inflammation. Many meditators, both first-timers and those with years of practice, experience discomfort in prolonged sessions on the meditation cushion. Much of this discomfort is a result of cramped muscles, and can interfere with the actual practice, especially for beginners. Turmeric is one of our strongest allies in creating True Wellness. Learn more


For mental clarity, vitality and joy

joysmall.jpgORGANIC INDIA’s Joy! formula combines four powerful adaptogens that uplift mood, boost energy and vitality, and reduce tension and stress so you can experience your true natural state of peace and happiness. Joy! contains the same herbs as our Memory formula, with the addition of Ashwagandha and Shankpushpi. Learn more


 The perfect post-meditation treat

tulsiteasmall.jpgOf course, there is nothing better to end a meditation session than a delicious cup of Tulsi Tea. Relaxing yet energizing, a cup of Tulsi Tea can extend the feelings of peace and ease throughout your entire day. Learn more