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Tulsi Moringa
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  • moringa: The Gift of Clean Energy

    While the Moringa tree is not well known in the West, in Asia, Africa, and India, it has been treasured for centuries as a wondrous, multi-faceted plant. Moringa fiber, which is strong enough make rope, is als...

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  • moringa — a Multivitamin in a Plant

    The human immune system is a marvelous network of tissues, cells, and organs designed to protect and defend the body from foreign invaders ranging from toxins to artificial ingredients. Herbalists, nutritionis...

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  • moringa: the Very Auspicious Tree

    In India, Moringa is called “Shobhanjana,” meaning “very auspicious tree,” because of its multiple uses and benefits. The tree is also called “Shingu” or “arrow,” because the Vedics believed th...

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  • Iced Tulsi Coolers: Functional Refreshment

    With temperatures heating up, nothing beats a little cool refreshment. Why not get a health boost at the same time? Bottled iced teas and kid favorites like popsicles are often loaded with sugars, not to menti...

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  • Food as Medicine: Feed Your Immune System

    By Vic Shayne, AuthorThe Super Foods Diet: Nature’s most powerful foods for healing, prevention and weight loss Practicing prevention through natural healthcare is a relatively new idea to the West, but in t...

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  • Our Herbs

    ORGANIC INDIA products are made from a carefully curated selection of herbs cultivated by our organic farmer partners in India. All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are grown using ancient Ayurvedic bio-regenerative method...

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  • Detox Green Smoothie

    Winter may still be upon us, but the New Year marks a perfect time to spring clean your body. Good news — a mid-winter reset can be both simple and delicious. Energizing and refreshing, this green smoothie i...

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  • Five Ayurvedic Herbs for Natural Immune Support

    Everyday our immune systems are confronted with any number of new pathogens and bugs. Public places such as grocery stores, gyms, schools, and libraries can be germ hotbeds. The best defense is a healthy, robu...

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  • Five Ways to Ensure Restorative Sleep

    A good night’s sleep is essential for so many reasons. Without it, we often notice dragging on the surface – a foggy mind, lack of energy and fatigue. Missing out on deep, restorative sleep can also impact...

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