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  • tulsi for Immune System Support: One Herb with Proven Benefits

    One of the most ancient herbs, Tulsi, now has one of the most modern monikers — immunomodulator. The word was coined by scientists to explain a substance’s power to reinforce and support the immune system....

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  • tulsi Immune Teas

    New Tulsi Immune Teas  Four functional flavors bring together our signature adaptogenic Tulsi blend with ancient Ayurvedic herbs and spices to support immune health.* Four functional flavors that bring togeth...

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  • What Makes tulsi sacred?

    The idea of a plant’s sacredness stems from the traditional understanding of our connection to the entirety of the universe, including the herbs that sustain and nurture life. Indian conservationist Bharti C...

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  • tulsi Focus Cinnamon Hibiscus Tea Latte

    Swap your morning chai and awaken your senses with this soul-warming tea latte! Our ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Focus Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea Infusion blended with fresh ginger offers sweet-spicy flavor with a hint of l...

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  • tulsi Focus Teas

    for Mental Clarity and Cognitive Support Four Delicious Flavors   Hibiscus Cinnamon Caffeine-free Pomegranate Orange: 13mg of Caffeine (Green Tea) Clementine Vanilla: Caffeine-free Raspberry Lemon: 30mg ...

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  • Iced tulsi Coolers: Functional Refreshment

    With temperatures heating up, nothing beats a little cool refreshment. Why not get a health boost at the same time? Bottled iced teas and kid favorites like popsicles are often loaded with sugars, not to menti...

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  • tulsi Chamomile Honey Latte

    If calmness could be bottled, it might taste like this. Gift yourself a morning, midday, or evening soother with our ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea Infusion blended with froth...

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  • tulsi Cinnamon Rose Hot Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

    What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Good news — a little creamy, rich decadence can be healthy as well as heavenly! This silky smooth hot chocolate blends unsweetened plant-based milk infused with&n...

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  • tulsi’s Wonderous Benefits

    When it comes to herbs, tulsi usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind — but perhaps it should. Tulsi has won its reputation as the “Incomparable One” among Ayurvedic herbs because its health b...

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  • What is tulsi? All About Holy Basil

    Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is a plant so versatile in its healing powers that Indians have long considered it sacred. In one ritual called Tulasi, Vivaha people witness the ceremonial marriage of the adaptogenic he...

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