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Blueberry Brain-Boosting Smoothie with Gotu Kola

Brain boosting smoothie with blueberry, avocado and banana

Revitalize your body and mind while packing in goodness with this delectable brain-boosting smoothie! Creamy avocado, leafy spinach, cool coconut water, beckoning blueberries, and our ORGANIC INDIA Gotu Kola blend into a dreamy brain boosting smoothie that is sure to satisfy. Best of all, this beverage of cool blues and greens is as mighty in flavor as it is in nutrients.

A powerful adaptogen, Gotu Kola offers support for a calm mind and nervous system. Research suggests the potent herb can enhance memory and overall cognitive function. Blueberries are sweet little powerhouses of antioxidants, shown to help fight off the effects of oxidative stress and increase blood flow to key areas of the brain. Spinach and other left greens deliver a wealth of brain-healthy nutrients such as vitamin K, beta carotene, and folate. And avocados, known for their healthy unsaturated fat, may also reduce blood pressure, lowering the risk of cognitive decline. In other words, while we can’t necessarily simply sip our way “smarter,” smoothies like these make delicious sense.

Blueberry Brain Boosting Smoothie

Per 1 smoothie


  • ½ Cup coconut water or water
  • 1 Cup frozen blueberries
  • ½ banana, cut into chunks and frozen
  • A good handful spinach or other dark leafy greens (about ⅓ Cup)
  • ½ Teaspoon ORGANIC INDIA Gotu Kola (simply twist open 2 capsules to add the powder)
  • ¼ of a small to medium avocado (about ¼ Cup)
  • To serve: grated dark chocolate and mint sprigs, optional

Combine all smoothie ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Enjoy topped with a sprinkling of grated dark chocolate and a sprig of fresh mint, if desired.

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