Carve into the sacred core of your tea ritual with a tea meditation. Every single part of the tea brewing and drinking experience is the perfect opportunity to sink into a sensory meditation. The very act of drinking tea is an act of mindfulness that brings you into the present moment. It hearkens back to rituals steeped in wellness and wisdom, which have been a blessed part of the human experience for thousands of years. 

By sipping organic regenerative herbs, you can: 

  • Rediscover the joys of being alive on this magnificent planet. 
  • Reconnect with your ancestors through leaves, petals, roots and stems
  • Recollect the wonder of earth’s healing apothecary.
  • Reassert your being into the here and now.
  • Renew and revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

What tea puts you in a deep meditative state? 

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is an herbal tea that can powerfully unlock a deep meditative state just by sipping it. One of the most sacred herbs in Ayurveda, this plant is revered for its ability to relieve stress and uplift the spirit. That being said, all herbs and teas are from the earth and hold a unique vibration to coalesce with in your practice. Chamomile is another that has a notoriously calming effect, Rose is perfect for heart-centered meditations, spiced Turmeric and Ginger teas can spark your inner light, and Green Tea is perfect for a morning meditation ceremony.  

It all depends on your preference at the moment, the time of day, and your willingness to become fully present and aware of your tea drinking experience. 

Man in a yoga studio space sipping organic herbs for a tea meditation from a buddha mug
Amir from YogiAthlete

Tap into your senses with a tea meditation: 

  • Use your ears to hear the whistling kettle and soothing sound of water pouring. 
  • Use your eyes to see the beautiful steam and shifting color as the tea hits the hot water. 
  • Use your nose to smell the floral, herbaceous or spiced aroma awakening your mind.
  • Use your tongue to taste the sweet, earthy, bright, or peppery notes and flourishes.
  • Use your body to feel the heat of your mug and warmth as the tea travels down your throat.

Tea meditation sequence:

Try this tea meditation sequence next time you want a cup of your favorite tea. Notice how deeply rewarding it is to drink tea with full reverence and awareness. 


  1. Mindfully select your special tea mug from your shelf or cupboard and notice its weight, color and details as you place it down to the table. 
  2. Look through your selection of vibrant organic teas, and create a mind-body connection to choose which tea you’d like to harmonize with today.
  3. Fill your teapot to desired level with cool and clean water, feeling reverence and deep gratitude for access to this precious resource.
  4. While it is coming to a boil, or nearly a boil, depending on the type of tea, sit and reflect on an intention* for your tea meditation. 
  5. Hear the kettle whistle, beckoning you into the moment like sacred bells, and lovingly remove from heat. 
  6. Listen closely as you open the kettle lid, and pour the water into your cup, like a flowing fountain of vitality. 

*Intentions like: I intend to find inner peace, I intend to release intrusive thoughts, I intend to be loving to myself, I intend to connect with the earth, I intend to be here now. 


  1. Bring the cup to your nose and feel the healing steam rising to your face with a beautiful aroma of the plants contained. 
  2. While steeping for the recommended 5-10 minutes, find a comfortable place to set the cup down and close your eyes. 
  3. Take these minutes to relax the feet, hips, abdomen, shoulders, jaw and forehead as you deeply inhale and fully exhale, remembering your intention if the mind starts to wander. 
  4. Open your eyes and bring single pointed awareness to your teacup. Lift it, notice the shift of color, depth of aroma and temperature as you hold it in your palms. 
  5. Remove the teabag if desired, hearing the small trickles as you lift it up and out to its designated saucer.


  1. Bring the mug to your lips and feel the warmth of the fragrant steam rising, softening the face and mind with a deep inhale and exhale. 
  2. Take a sip and notice the bouquet of flavors that unfold on your palate, as you savor this aromatic moment. 
  3. How does it feel to sip the tea? What is the temperature? Is it sweet, spicy, floral? How does your body and mind respond? 
  4. Awaken your senses as you feel the tea travel through and warm your body, its bioactives nurturing you at the cellular level.
  5. Sip slowly with awareness, bringing your mind back to the present sip if it starts to wander, remembering your intention if your focus starts to slip. 
  6. When complete, mindfully place the mug down. How do you feel? Have you noticed any changes? Observe without judgment and bring this earthly warmth with you everywhere you go today. 
Woman on a glass patio meditating with a tea mug and beautiful greenery in the background
Adrienne from YogiAthlete

High vibration tea for your mediation

As herbs and tea leaves hold a sacred vibration, in addition to hundreds or thousands of bioactive compounds, it’s advised to choose quality tea to make the most of your tea meditation. 

Conventional teas are often composed of plant dustings left behind from pesticide-ridden herbs and leaves, which are packaged in tea bags made with plastics that leech into your cup. Not to mention, the crops are often grown on large industrial monoculture fields and worked by farmers who are not treated respectfully or paid fairly.

The high quality, high vibration tea here at Organic India is grown by regenerative organic agriculture that supports lush biodiversity, soil health, water conservation, and carbon sequestration and is tended to by farmers who have safe and enjoyable working conditions and are paid fair, living wages. The whole herb is hand harvested and gently ground, retaining its prana and protecting its bioactives, and packaged in recyclable materials, then nestled in compostable tea bags free of plastic. 

You can feel this beautiful quality harmonize with your body with every sip during your tea meditation. When you take these herbs into your being with mindfulness, you can transform your day, and uplift every space you enter with your calming presence. 

Women with silver rings holding a teal mug for a tea meditation

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