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These simple, oh-so-pretty floral tea ice cubes are the perfect way to elevate entertaining – or even further enhance the natural mood-lifting power of flowers with tremendous Tulsi (Holy Basil)! Easy to prepare, they add a captivating touch to water, tea, lemonade, sparkling cocktails, and more. Each of our various ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi teas offers its own unique, lovely flavor. Experimenting with each is as fun as the results are delightful!

For the most eye-catching, crystal-clear cubes plan to boil tap water twice, letting the water cool to room temperature after the first boil. Or you can start with pure, distilled water. After the second boil, you can steep the tea or teas of your choice. While the tea is still warm, pour into your tray or trays and add your edible flowers, then freeze until solid, overnight if possible.

 Herbs, like refreshing mint leaves, work as well as edible flowers for a light, lovely flavor boost. When choosing flowers, you can go hand-grown, hand-picked, fresh, or dried. Just be mindful to rule out any possibility of pesticides or sprays. When placing flowers in your trays, try to ensure they will be facing outward, but don’t worry if they flip, fold, or bob up and poke out a little.

Using this method, not only do our ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi teas add a touch of beauty to your beverages, they offer subtle flavor and wellness benefits, too. Potent adaptogen Tulsi is known for its stress-relieving and life-enriching qualities. Revered throughout India as a sacred herb, Tulsi has been used in Ayurvedic tradition for over 5,000 years. Opportunities to incorporate it–and the wealth of benefits–into your daily life are as varied as the garden of possibilities represented in these exquisitely cool tea ice cubes. 

Floral Tulsi Tea Ice Cubes

Tea Ice cubes in three different clear glasses and a pitcher of Tulsi herbal tea on light grey wood table.


  • ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Tea bags of choice (1 -2 per cup of water, depending on desired strength)
  • Edible flower assortment, trimmed
  • Ice cube tray(s)


  1. Boil water and let cool to room temperature, then boil again. 
  2. After the second boil, steep ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi tea bags while allowing water to cool to slightly above room temperature.
  3. Pour warm water into ice cube trays and add edible flowers.
  4. Freeze and enjoy with all your favorite cool beverages! 

A few of our favorite edible flowers/herbs and pairing suggestions:

  • Pansies: All our ORGANIC INDIA Teas! These edible flowers are beautiful but add little in terms of flavor.
  • Lavender: Pair with Hibiscus, Tulsi Green, Tulsi Honey Chamomile
  • Rose: Tulsi Sweet Rose, Tulsi Raspberry Peach, Tulsi Hibiscus
  • Mint: Tulsi Green
  • Marigolds: Tulsi Original, Tulsi Honey Chamomile

Looking for some refreshers to add these beautiful tea ice cubes to? Try a Neem Beauty Spritzer, Tulsi Sweet Rose Spritzer or Tulsi Cold Brew.