8 Healthy Holiday Lattes with Herbs and Spices

12/07/2021 |
Chocolate holiday lattes on a cutting board with cookies, candy canes and figurine trees.

Tis the season to be cozy. And nothing says cozy like nestling in a soft throw blanket with a warm mug full of your favorite holiday lattes. But what if that delicious beverage was also guilt-free and loaded with health benefits instead of sugar and caffeine? 

While it’s tempting to reach for that conventional packet of hot cocoa or cruise to your corner cafe for a seasonal latte, it may put a dent in your health aspirations if it’s a daily practice. On the other hand, the holiday lattes listed here are so beneficial that you can indulge in them every day, while actually nurturing the systems of your body and mind. Plus, you’re not compromising on delicious holiday flavors — we’ve put a healthy spin on the pumpkin spice latte, eggnog latte, hot chocolate and other classics. 

8 Simple Recipes for Holiday Lattes

Create a healthy and decadent holiday tradition of making one, two or all of these holiday lattes throughout the season. These warm delights are infused with herbs, spices, adaptogens, nootropics and just a touch of low-glycemic sweetener to bring you tidings of comfort and joy (and whole system wellness). These lattes are espresso-free, with black tea or herbs taking the stage for mental clarity and balance. 

1. Turmeric Pumpkin Spice Latte

Enjoy the soothing benefits of turmeric while delighting in the one, the only: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Turmeric supports a healthy inflammatory response, while fresh ginger warms the body and swirls into organic pumpkin with creamy plant-based milk (try cashew, oat or coconut!). All you need is a small saucepan, some autumn staples and a dream to make this pumpkin latte a reality. 

Get the recipe: Amazing Homemade Turmeric Pumpkin Spice Latte – Organic India

Two clear mugs of pumpkin spice latte with cinnamon sticks, small gourds and fresh cut ginger.

2. Chai-Spiced Eggnog

This is a masterful vegan adaptation of a spiced eggnog latte. Featuring raw cashews and dates for a creamy sweet base, a perfect balance of chai spices to grace each sipful, and fresh ginger and vanilla to top off the experience. Ceylon Cinnamon (not to be confused with generic supermarket cinnamon) is a star ingredient in this latte, with 41 protective antioxidants to nurture the body. Option to add a tablespoon of bourbon for a boozy finish. 

Get the recipe: Chai Vegan Eggnog with Ceylon Cinnamon – Organic India

Chai egg nog vegan holiday latte in metal and clear hot glasses with pine bones and pine surrounding.

3. Tulsi Cinnamon Latte

This Tulsi Cinnamon Latte is the perfect addition to your medley of holiday beverages. It’s the ideal stress-relief infusion with adaptogenic Tulsi, sugar-regulating cinnamon, and even a brush of heart-opening hibiscus. Dress it up with your favorite milk, fresh ginger, and honey or agave. At once soothing and revitalizing, this latte is a healthy and harmonious way to celebrate the season. 

Get the recipe: Tulsi Focus Cinnamon Hibiscus Tea Latte – Organic India

Hibiscus cinnamon tulsi holiday latte with dried hibiscus garnish in white mug on wooden cutting board.

4. Golden Latte

Turmeric Golden Milk Lattes are on the rise in recent times, showing up on coffee shop menus everywhere. What’s so great about the golden latte is you get all the creamy, lightly sweet goodness of a latte, without caffeine. Instead you get a rush of warming spices like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon that can soothe the body and soul.

Get the recipe: Turmeric Golden Milk Latte with Ginger – Organic India

Clear hot mug filled with golden turmeric holiday latte with cinnamon stick and turmeric.

5. Chamomile Honey Latte

Whether you have this at night before bed or during the day, you will have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. This lightly sweet and deeply comforting beverage combines delicate, calming chamomile blossoms with adaptogenic Tulsi and a touch of balancing Ceylon Cinnamon. Stir in fresh wild, local honey and top off with crystallized ginger for a festive finish. 

Get the recipe: Tulsi Chamomile Honey Latte – Organic India

Cute little white teacup and saucer with honey chamomile latte nearby honey and cinnamon.

6. Tulsi Hot Apple Cider

Scrumptious hot apple cider with adaptogens anyone? This has all the flavor of the ultimate apple cider plus stress-relieving and brain-supporting Tulsi to keep you balanced and energized all day long. Plus there is a delightful balance of chai spices to round out the flavors of the season. This holiday beverage feels like doing yoga in an apple orchard with your feetie pajamas on. Try it out! 

Get the recipe: Tulsi Apple Cider – Organic India

Mug of hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, clove, and fresh apple on a wooden table.

7. Cinnamon Rose Hot Chocolate

No holiday latte list would be complete without hot chocolate. This rich chocolatey beverage combines melted chocolate and cocoa powder, making it a chocolate lover’s dream. This special holiday edition is embellished with shatavari and ashwagandha for hormonal balance, and rose for a touch of romance. The perfect beverage to snuggle up with your significant other and savor the chocolatey goodness.  

Get the recipe: Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Hot Chocolate For Valentine’s Day – Organic India

Deep chocolatey hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings with a rose on the side.

8. Soothing Throat Tea

This isn’t a latte persay, but it’s the perfect swap when you need a remedy to comfort your throat while you enjoy the flavors of the season. This delicious little tea infusion soothes those cold months with fresh sage and mint, a tea blend of immune-supporting fennel, amla and guduchi, finished with honey to coat the throat. Warm up with this sweet beverage that cools the throat and supports a healthy inflammatory response. 

Get the recipe: Soothing Tea for Throat with Sage and Mint – Organic India

Hot tulsi immune throat tea with fresh lemon, mint, sage and honey on cutting board.

Whether while wrapping presents, tinkering away at work, spending quality time with loved ones, or on your own with a good book, these lattes bring a festive touch to every passing holiday moment. Make some new traditions with these delicious homemade holiday latte recipes and look forward to them year after year.