ORGANIC INDIA Welcomes Medical Director Alejandro Junger, MD

12/12/2019 |
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ORGANIC INDIA USA is delighted to introduce Alejandro Junger MD as its Medical Director — Dr. Junger is a board certified Cardiologist as well as a Functional Medicine practitioner based in Venice, CA. He is the creator of the world-famous CLEAN, a 21-day detox program, and is the author of the New York Times bestsellers  CLEAN, CLEAN GUT, and CLEAN EATS.  We congratulate Dr. Junger on the release of CLEAN 7, his newest book based on principles from functional medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and intermittent fasting, featuring a seven day detox program that has given Dr. Junger’s patients incredible results. 

After his training in internal medicine and cardiology in New York, Dr. Junger traveled to India where he spent time and was exposed to Ayurvedic medicine and other healing modalities. On his return to practice in the United States, Dr. Junger found the concepts and principles of cleansing and detoxification and their medical/biological explanations in functional medicine. 

Functional Medicine is a “A biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease,” according to the Institute for Functional Medicine website. “Functional medicine allowed me to understand how many of the Ayurvedic principles actually worked from a molecular biological point of view,” Dr. Junger said. These insights led to the development of the 21-day CLEAN detox and his first book, CLEAN.  

Dr. Junger and ORGANIC INDIA

Through an auspicious coincidence, Dr. Junger was introduced to ORGANIC INDIA’s co-founders Bharat Mitra and Bhavani. Dr. Junger spent time in India with them and was blown away by the sweeping changes brought by ORGANIC INDIA’s initiatives to restore environments, local economies with the ancient wisdom of regenerative agricultural practices. In chapter six of CLEAN 7, Dr. Junger shares the details of his meetings with the ORGANIC INDIA founders. 

Meeting Dr. Narendra Singh

While in India, Dr. Junger studied with Narendra Singh, a master Ayurvedic doctor. Dr. Singh taught Dr. Junger how to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into his practice. This is how CLEAN 7 was born.


After years of friendship and collaboration, Bharat and Bhavani invited Dr. Junger to join forces. ORGANIC INDIA and CLEAN became partners. Dr. Junger said, “My partnership with ORGANIC INDIA is not the result of a business decision in which I calculated how I would make more money. It is the marriage of two companies that have complementary missions. CLEAN is dedicated to cleaning the human body, ORGANIC INDIA is dedicated to cleaning the planetary body. As above, so below.” 

As the ORGANIC INDIA medical director, Dr. Junger will be providing the ORGANIC INDIA community with content and product innovations. We welcome him and know that you will find as much benefit as we do from this partnership.