Shifting the Business Paradigm Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

12/12/2018 |
Better World


At ORGANIC INDIA, success means leaving the world better than we found it. We’re building a legacy in which positive impact and profit are interdependent rather than mutually exclusive. The path toward a prosperous and healthy future for everyone depends on businesses committing to a mission and adopting socially responsible practices that result in positive social and environmental impact.

We are pioneering a shift away from the current paradigm in which business profits come at the expense of environmental and personal health. We believe that by paving the way, we can inspire and enable other businesses to push the limits of corporate social responsibility – a set of business practices that promote sustainable development, including social, environmental and economic benefits for all stakeholders – and consider the environmental and social impact in every function of their business. With social responsibility at the heart of each decision, businesses can create value for people and the planet, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s a win-win solution to creating a thriving, vibrant world that is worthy of the generations yet to come.

ORGANIC INDIA uses the global marketplace as a platform to provide a life of dignity for small family farmers, revitalize communities and restore vibrant health to the land. This has been the foundation of our business for over 20 years and we’re proud to partner with organizations like Fairtrade America and B Lab to go above and beyond business as usual. Not only were we recently named a B Corp 2018 Best for the World Honoree, but we have just become the first to introduce Fairtrade Certified supplements with our Tulsi-Holy Basil, Ceylon Cinnamon, Trikatu and Ginger supplements that will begin showing up on shelves in early 2019 – and you can be sure that we won’t stop there.

Why does Fairtrade Certified matter?


As the natural products industry grows and financial opportunities grow along with it, some companies incorporate ‘greenwashing’ techniques to create the perception of a healthier product, when in fact it’s not much different than the status quo. This creates confusion for the consumer, making it difficult to identify brands that are authentically aligned with their values. In the tradition of voting with one’s fork, consumers have the opportunity to directly contribute to the expansion of organic farmland and other socially responsible business practices by the way they spend their dollars over time.

That’s why third-party certifications matter – just as the USDA Organic certification is a guarantee that a product was grown without synth

etic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, Fairtrade Certified signifies that the people producing a product are paid fair wages, are provided additional funds to invest in revitalizing their communities, and are supported in pursuing a dignified life.

Fairtrade America works to empower small-scale farmers, like those we work with in India. We are proud to be the first herbal supplement company to offer Fairtrade Certified supplements. We believe in supporting standards and certifications that hold real value for consumers while engendering trust and respect in the organization that holds them. Aside from complying with all labor and environmental laws, Fairtrade certification ensures that we guarantee equal distribution of profits to each individual in a farming cooperative and equal or higher salaries than the regional average. We operate with absolute integrity, applying fair trading practices throughout our supply chain. We don’t stop at fulfilling the requirements of a certification – we constantly strive to better our practices to create positive and lasting impact.

How do we demonstrate our commitment to our mission?



  • Pay the Organic and Fairtrade certification fees for our farmers
  • Pay farmers whether their crops flourish or fail
  • Empower, train, and employ women and widows in a culture where gender equality is atypical. Communities are taught gender-sensitization and women and widows are paid equal wages to men
  • Provide health care, including prenatal and well-baby care

The ORGANIC INDIA Foundation’s healthcare educators travel to villages and teach proper hygiene, skin care, pre-natal and infant care

By respecting and considering the impact on our farmers, employees, our consumers, and the planet in every decision, we’ve created a thriving business, vibrant communities, and a path towards a healthier planet to sustain us. ORGANIC INDIA exists because “business as usual” has taken advantage of the world’s poorest communities and the resources of the planet we all depend on. ORGANIC INDIA is leading the way in a global shift toward ethical business models that leave the world better as a result. While we are proud of our achievements, we’re aware that we can always do better – for ourselves, for our communities, and for our planet. We will continue pushing for all businesses to adopt higher standards and increased accountability as long as we have the privilege to do so. We hope you’ll join us.