This summer, kick off your mornings with refreshing, energizing iced breakfast tea that is bolder and colder. Our ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Breakfast Tea offers the perfect balance of smooth, robust flavor and hearty herbal wellness benefits. For extra strength of flavor, simply fill an iced cube tray with brewed tea the night before. Freeze, pour over with more tea or tea and milk or cream, and enjoy undiluted taste with every cool, delicious sip!

Noted in ancient Indian scriptures for over 5,000 years, Tulsi, “The Queen of Herbs” is revered throughout India as a sacred plant. Known for stress-relieving and life enhancing qualities, this adaptogen is associated with supporting natural detoxification, bolstered immunity, spiritual uplift, and more. Our ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Breakfast Tea harnesses the wealth of Tulsi while blending in the bright herbal touch of Bacopa, promoting focus and further supporting stress relief.

With tea ice cubes, there’s no need to drink watered down iced tea again. Ice cubes from our ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Breakfast tea is a natural fit to start the day, but why not try enhancing flavor with our other teas, too? Add to cold tea, lemonade, cocktails, and mocktails–the possibilities are endless!

Perfect Iced Breakfast Tea

Tulsi iced breakfast tea and iced breakfast tea latte in clear glass with tea ice cubes and toast.

First, prepare the tea ice cubes:

Fill an ice cube tray with brewed ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Breakfast tea and freeze overnight.

Next, prepare the tea.

For hot-brewed, steep 1 ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Breakfast Tea per 1 cup of boiled water for 5-10 minutes for a rich, deep flavor. Remove tea bags, transfer to a pitcher, cover, and refrigerate.

For cold-brewed, place 2 ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Breakfast Tea bags per 1 cup of water in a pitcher. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

For sweet teas, add 1 Tablespoon maple syrup or agave, or to taste, while brewing.

To serve your Iced Breakfast Tea:

Fill glasses with iced tea cubes and top with chilled tea. Pour tea until the glass is approximately ¾ full then top with milk of choice for a cool, tasty, iced tea latte.

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