Tulsi Cold Brew: New Summer Go-To

05/23/2023 |
Recipes, Tulsi
Tulsi cold brew (holy basil iced tea) in pitchers with different garnishes like strawberry, cucumber, mint and lemon.

There are some things that simply sing of summer, for everyone. Top on the list, watermelon, salads, and most certainly iced tea. Soak up all the thirst-quenching glory with ease, and our ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi (aka Holy Basil) Original Tea (or any tea flavor will do!)!

Forget any finickiness around steeping tea leaves just right. When it comes to cooling off on a sweltering day, making a perfect pitcher of welcome–and wellness-boosting Tulsi Cold Brew is simple. Brewing with tea our energizing, stress-relieving, and caffeine-free Tulsi Original tea is not only convenient, it’s as easy to tailor to tastes on the day as can be.

Revered in India as “The Queen of Herbs”, adaptogenic herb Tulsi has been used for more than 5,000 years to support whole body wellness, the immune system, and natural detoxification processes. This sacred restorative herb is also known to balance mood, ease stress, and more. What’s more, powerful Tulsi welcomes companion flavors with delicious, uplifting results.

All our ORGANIC INDIA products are rooted in the ancient health system of India of Ayurveda, formulated using both traditional wisdom and modern science. Further, our products epitomize our commitment to healthy, conscious living and sustainability, utilizing only the finest ingredients cultivated by small family farmers employing regenerative agricultural practices.

Try both of these handy methods below and play with our suggested variations as well as your own! With these versatile guidelines, a good summer cool-off is sure to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Holy Basil Iced Tea: Perfect Pitcher

tulsi cold brew in 2 large pitches with 3 glasses with ice, tea and different garnishes.

(per 32 ounce pitcher)

Overnight Tulsi Cold Brew:


  • 6 ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi tea bags (any flavor), or 6 teaspoons of loose Tulsi Original tea
  • 4 cups water
  • Additional flavorings as desired (see variations below)


  1. Add flavor infusions and sweetener as desired into a pitcher. 
  2. Fill pitcher with water and hang the tea bags from the top the water.
  3. Let sit overnight in the refrigerator.
  4. Drain and serve Tulsi Cold Brew as is or over ice with garnish of choice.
  5. If using loose tea, be sure to place in an infuser (infusion pitcher or individuals) and strain before serving.

Classic brew:

  1. Brew a tea concentrate: in a saucepan, place 4-5 tea bags in 2 cups boiled water and let steep for 3-5 minutes. If using loose tea, be sure to place 5 teaspoons in an infuser (infusion pitcher or individuals).
  2. Add 2 cups cold water to the pot and let cool slightly.
  3. Place any flavor infusions you desire in a pitcher. Top with the tea (bags removed) and chill in the fridge until cool, about two hours. If loose leaf, be sure to strain the tea from the liquid for chilling.
  4. Strain and serve as is or over ice with garnish of choice.

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