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Welcome to the Alumni Program by Herbal U and ORGANIC INDIA. This program is an incentive program to reward you for learning and becoming an emissary for ORGANIC INDIA. By completing courses you will earn points that can be used to “buy” free product and SWAG. When you complete levels of Herbal U, you will receive personalized certificates of completion.

It's easy...

To apply to become an ORGANIC INDIA Alumnus, please fill out this form and tell us about yourself and/or your company.

  1. APPLY via THIS FORM - This way we know you want to be an emissary for ORGANIC INDIA and part of our Herbal U Alumni.
  2. COMPLETE YOUR FIRST COURSE - This way we know you want to be an emissary for ORGANIC INDIA and part of our Herbal U Alumni.
  3. REPETITION – “Repetition is the mother of skill!” – courses can be taken multiple times = more points earned!
  4. HOW – Anytime, anywhere with the convenience of learning on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.


You will earn 5 points for every course completed. Courses must be completed 90% to receive points for each lesson, so don’t skip through.

25 points - $5
50 points- $10
75 points - $15
100 points - $20
125 points - $25
150 points- $30
175 points - $35
200 points - $40
225 points - $45
250 points - $50
275 points - $55
300 points - $60
600 points - $120

REWARDS - Many items to choose from including: teas, supplements, organic clothing, malas, indian inspired gifts and clothing, green and eco fun items. After requesting points, you can email us to determine what rewards are available to be redeemed for your points (items often vary).

CERTIFICATES – Personalized “certificates” will be issued for each level of learning completed. Certificates must be requested upon completion by emailing

POINTS INQUIRY – To request how many points you have accumulated please email and indicate REQUEST POINTS in the subject line. Please allow two business days for points reply.