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With the world reeling under the shock of the daily news, ORGANIC INDIA’s message of Healthy Conscious Living resonates now, more than ever. Compassion, empathy, and action-oriented service to all are ORGANIC INDIA’S core values. The current pandemic has created a global crisis that transcends community, national, religious, and political divides. Our long-time mission, to be a vehicle of consciousness by inspiring, promoting, and supporting genuine wellness is now put to the test to respond to the world’s most urgent needs as best we can.

In response to the current crisis, while supplies last ORGANIC INDIA is offering free kits comprised of our products known to support immune system health: Immune Lift, Turmeric capsules, and Tulsi Turmeric Rooibos tea. We are limiting kits to one per household to ensure equitable access. Our goal is to put our mission into practice and ensure we continue to operate under the principles of love and consciousness in action to best serve our communities.

At ORGANIC INDIA, we believe this is the time to recall the importance of healthy, conscious living — the basic philosophy of all we do. Our aim is to go beyond profit-driven motives to help spread mental, physical and emotional well-being for all. ORGANIC INDIA believes in oneness — that we are all interconnected. If we all give of ourselves, our entire ecosystem will thrive.

We urge all to follow well-documented hygiene recommendations and make lifestyle changes necessary to protect self and others. It is of equal importance to stay calm and not become overwhelmed by scarcity and panic.
The current pandemic has shown we are one humanity and one planet. We hope ORGANIC INDIA’S offer of wellness will benefit in more ways than one — and inspire all to understand what each of us is capable of giving, even if it be only a smile or a prayer.

Be aware, be safe, be healthy…