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Letter from the CEO

“Every step we take as a company is with the intention to be respectful to the Earth and to every hand and heart that makes ORGANIC INDIA thrive.”

As CEO of ORGANIC INDIA USA, I understand our responsibility goes beyond offering pure, organic herbal products to being true stewards of the land that nurtures every crop through its growth cycle and beyond. From the health of the soil to the welfare of our farmer-partners to eco-conscious production methods, we’re committed to playing an active role in building a better tomorrow, focused on regeneration and giving back. 

At ORGANIC INDIA, we are helping people take charge of their own health through transparency, education, and product innovation that leverages the power of plants in new ways. Whether it’s infusing your daily cup of tea with beneficial herbs and spices; or making herbal supplements more accessible to support cognitive wellness, immune health and digestion – functionality is key in each of our time-tested formulas. For our consumer and for the planet, we remain committed in the New Year to raising the bar on what it means to be a socially responsible business for healthy, conscious living. 

Great change comes by working together. We are proud allies of the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) – a progressive organization setting the highest standards in pursuit of soil health, animal welfare, economic stability and fairness for workers around the world. The ROA has established the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) based on these principles and builds upon existing Organic and Fair-Trade certifications. In the coming year, we will be pursuing ROC as well as renewing our B-Corp certification, another non-profit organization that requires and inspires businesses to push themselves to reach the highest level of verified social, environmental, and economic performance. 

Every step we take as a company is with the intention to be respectful to the Earth and to every hand and heart that makes ORGANIC INDIA thrive. From providing equitable wages and incorporating regenerative agricultural methods to manufacturing in our LEED Platinum certified facility, our practices are focused on creating a brighter, more compassionate future.  

In 2022, we’re kicking off some bold initiatives beginning with the pursuit of greener packaging. While real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, we’re determined to elevate our packaging to reflect our sustainability goals. We’ll also be opening a flagship location in Boulder, Colorado that serves to connect with our local community and give voice to other organizations and individuals who are engaged in meaningful and socially conscious work.   

We’re grateful to have you on this journey with us.

-Miguel Gil, CEO