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Rebuilding Sustainable Communities: Tents To Nepal

July 5th, 2015

It’s been two months since our first #TentsToNepal offerings left for Nepal and the monsoon rain has begun. Our third and final 10-tonne truck for this stage of operations is scheduled to leave this week, carrying another 50 transitional community shelters, 50 yurt-style homes, and 50 transitional classrooms.

While #TentsToNepal has, thus far, been focused on providing emergency relief and transitional shelters, the focus is now on preparing for a new and inspiring phase of regenerative work that will begin as soon as the monsoon ends:

“We are rebuilding our villages with local, sustainable resources. We will re-emerge self-reliant, prosperous and unique,” explains Nripal Adhikary, founder of ABARI, when describing these plans.

modelvillage.jpgABARI’s Model Village Concept will provide Nepal’s communities with access to both supplies and training to help them rebuild their homes in a lasting, sustainable and resilient way. Forty of the yurts contained in our latest shipment will be used for one of the first pilots.

For further details about how programs for long term sustainable rebuilding in post-earthquake Nepal are being developed, please visit:

Accomplishments Overview

As we look forwards to the next stage of community rebuilding within Nepal, we would like to offer our thanks to the inspiring #TentsToNepal collaborators for all that they have accomplished in the last two months.

Here’s a great video clip from ABARI about the Transitional Shelters, housing families during the monsoon season and while they prepare to rebuild their homes and lives.

Thanks to your continuing generosity, #TentsToNepal have sent a total of 37,450 square metres of canvas, weighing almost 20 tonnes.

Another 10 tonnes total of tarpaulins, rope, sewing machines, accessories and tools and donations were sent along with the three trucks since May 4th. These donations consisted of blankets, clothing, food and essential supplies, thanks to ORGANIC INDIA, friends of Papaji’s Satsang Bhavan and The Green Nest Nepal Relief Fund.

abarimap.jpgThis map shows all of the villages and districts in which Health Posts, Transitional Shelters, Transitional Schools have been set up in collaboration with ABARI, primarily using canvas provided by #TentsToNepal. Many of these builds were co-ordinated with Paulo Thiago, from Friends Of India.

Further maps show the agencies and relief organizations that are working with #TentsToNepal and ABARI to establish as many transitional shelters as possible before the heavy monsoon rains set in.

Some of the many collaborative highlights of #LoveinAction over the last few weeks include:

writingboard.jpgOur heartfelt thanks to all the collaborating partners on these projects and to all those who offered their support to make this possible.

Stay tuned for news of the next phase of #LoveInAction, and to find out how you can be involved. Thank you for your ongoing participation!

If you’d like to visit Nepal as a volunteer with Hugging Nepal, BASS, People In Need, or All Hands, many new projects will begin in September once the rains have eased.

ABARI are sending out a call to the architects and civil engineers with experience in natural building and bio architecture who would like to come join hands in rebuilding Nepal. Please send you resume to