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Being Full of Grace and Grit

Dr. James Rouse
Thursday, April 30, 2015

When are you feeling most alive? When are you in that highly attractive and coveted place, where your confidence is soaring, your mind is full of inspiring thoughts, your actions are powerful and your energy reflects a transcendent quality of love?

When I am in the midst of living this type of “love fest” I am under the influence of the unconditional and total embrace of me. You can have this experience of radical self-acceptance now and it may be a key to living longer, having impeccable integrity, expressing strength, being at peace and feeling more alive as you grow. Are you “all in” for your awesome? Let’s go!

There is a road map to find the fountain of youth and a case for drinking in the refreshment of unbridled love of you. To see you as you really are—divine, creative, beautiful and perfect in every way—serves to optimize overall mind-body biological function. When we have a positive picture of ourselves, our bodies respond in kind with a healthy and harmonious response of our parasympathetic nervous system. Hence, studying the art of self-acceptance at “Love U” will enable you to healthfully manage the stress hormone cortisol, which left unchecked promotes fast-forward aging, pummels your immune system, makes you fat, sad and increases your risk for heart disease.

Giving your self the gift of healthy esteem is a dance of both grace and grit. Ram Dass said that “The problem is that you are too busy holding onto your unworthiness.” Courageously letting go of your false story of unworthiness is a grace-filled practice of choosing to recognize your true self with fearless grit and determination. This life-giving experience of self-recovery can be gifted to yourself with inspiring ease and joy.

Healthy self-esteem: How do I get there? Begin by identifying what makes you happy and give that experience to yourself without reservation. Cultivate an enjoyable practice of self-care: Embrace eating whole foods and sweating your prayers daily with reckless abandon. Be the first to forgive your self-choose to out-love any mistake that you have held against yourself. Live by design-if your intention is to be healthy, then do healthy things; if it is to be peaceful, then be what brings you peace. Fearlessly protect and keep agreements about the life you have set for yourself and know that you are worthy of honoring your word. Always remember that you are alive to the degree that you serve. Know that loving yourself is an act of service that will inspire the world around you.