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Bursting Out of Our Shells

Satya Dubay
Sunday, November 16, 2014

It’s that wondrous time again. Birds are waking us out of our morning dreams; spring flowers are popping out of the ground and days are getting just a bit longer… ahhh. The energy of spring is just that – it puts a spring in our step.

Surprisingly, as part of the springtime energy, we may also be feeling a bit of anger- something we normally try to push away. Yet, anger can be useful if we use it in an appropriate way. Have you ever considered what kind of energy it takes for a little seedling to push itself out of the hard, recently thawed ground in order to meet the sun?

This energy is similar to the energy of a ram, moving forward and not letting anything get in its way. When we naturally tune into this energy and express it within ourselves during this time of year, it can be very productive. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a negative aspect – this energy used in a positive, proactive way can express itself as power. Power used appropriately can be profoundly helpful to us as we move through the seeming obstacles in our way in order to reach our goals.

So if you are sensing an inner stirring - an unsettled feeling that just won’t let you be, take a moment to look at what may want to sprout from within. What idea wants your attention right now? What dream do you have that is ready to be manifested? The unsettledness may effortlessly shift to that inner strength that can be used to birth this idea. Trust that and watch it grow. Nurture it in just the right way, with a balance of openness, patience and action.