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Cellular Self Love

Satya Dubay, Prana & Qi Healing Practitioner
Monday, February 20, 2017

The act of expressing love to others, starts from expressing love to ourselves. We often neglect loving ourselves, even though it’s been said over and over that if we don’t love ourselves, we cannot truly receive love from others or love others.

The question often surfaces; how do we truly love ourselves in a genuine way? How do we actually feel it in our bones? We can pretend to love ourselves, yet this can lead to difficulty when falling short of truly feeling it, which makes it less likely to become a reality. One fairly simple way of making it feel more real is through practicing guided meditations on cultivating love.

When you have a moment to spend some quiet time alone, find a sacred space in which you can settle in, close your eyes and begin focusing on your breath. Let your mind relax into the moment, noticing the rise and fall of your diaphragm.

Now, bring your attention to your heart center, in the middle of your chest. Fall inward here, to a place of peace, rest and contentment.

As you rest here, allow the love in your heart to come into the forefront of your awareness. What does it feel like? What images arise? Is there a color associated with it? Does it have a beginning or and end?

Once you really feel this love, allow it to expand past your heart center, into your whole torso, and into your arms, legs and head. Let this love fill your entire body.

Now, tune into the cells of your body and allow this loving energy to go into each and every cell, filling them with this beautiful energy. Let it cleanse any resistance to this love that is present. Allow this energy to bathe every part of your body and every aspect of your being, and notice how this feels.

As we practice this meditation regularly, we will increasingly feel genuine self-love, because it truly is already within us, sometimes just hiding underneath the layers of difficult feelings and memories that we have accumulated.

This practice gently reveals the love within us, so that we can directly experience it. From here, we are able to shine this love out into the world and to all beings that we encounter, reflecting our own inner love.

Herbs to aid in stress-relief and meditation practice:

Tulsi - Holy Basil:

Gotu Kola:



About the Author

Satya Dubay, Prana/Qi & Sound Healing Practitioner, completed the Five Year Qigong & Pranic Healing Certification at The Qigong School in Boulder in 1999 and further studied healing practices with several healers and teachers throughout the years. She opened a private healing practice in 2000, seeing clients individually, and leading qigong and meditation classes. She brings these internal healing practices, along with the healing attributes of singing bowls, to ORGANIC INDIA's office space, as well as Yoga Loft in Boulder where she performs her Prana Sound Bath series.