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Supplies: Tents to Nepal

June 3, 2015


Here’s the next truckload of tent canvas on the road to the people of Gorkha! There's enough canvas for another 100 tents, together with donations of blankets, food, water purification tablets and medical supplies that have been pouring in to be transported with our #TentsToNepal. An order has already been placed for another truck of canvas and supplies to leave next week.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all ORGANIC INDIA employees in India and the USA, for sending their prayers and generous offerings of support for #TentsToNepal. In just over 3 weeks ago, the Love in Action initiated by these donations has already raised close to Rs16 lakh (approx. USD$25,000).

Here are some pictures of the offerings that will be travelling along with our #TentsToNepal:

schoolbus2.jpgAn entire busload of donations from GD Goenka School, and more than 5 tons of blankets and other supplies received from The Green Nest Nepal Relief Fund, alongside offerings from friends of ORGANIC INDIA and devotees of Papaji Satsang Bhavan.

satsang.jpgThis hall (middle photo) is normally kept empty for devotees to come and sit quietly in silence. These days, everyone’s hearts are as full as the hall to be part of such #LoveInAction.

We would also like to thank Gripo Laboratories, who have donated 1000 Aquapura water purification tablets.

On the Ground

ABARI, Learning Planet and Friends of India-Giving Back, our #TentsToNepal partners on the ground, are truly heartened to hear of all the support coming in, and can’t wait to translate it into #LoveInAction. Paulo Thiago #TentsToNepal’s sent this message to share: “thanks to everyone giving your time, money and prayers to alleviate the suffering of the Nepalese people. Without your support, none of this would be possible!”

school.jpgStay tuned for the next exciting update about #TentsToNepal Classrooms! Now is the time to establish the community spaces, transitional schools and health posts that will be required throughout the monsoon and beyond.

If you feel inspired to start a collection within your own community, here’s how you can participate in next week’s offerings of #TentsToNepal

Go to Crowdrise

Make an offering, give yourself a hug of thanks, share what you’ve done with your friends and invite them to tune into the inspiration with #LoveInAction!