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Daily Ritual

Satya Dubay
Sunday, November 16, 2014

Many of us look forward to that week off from work which we get a few times each year, to be able to relax and rejuvenate. Yet often vacations can be full of activity and may not bring us the rest that we need.

Creating daily rituals is a simple way of keeping us in balance, rested and nurtured, even when a vacation is far in the distance or full of activity. We already have many daily activities and practices, such as eating a certain breakfast, walking the dog, going to yoga class and eating dinner with our family. These small things that we do each day affect us on many levels and can be either draining or replenishing.
I try to incorporate several rejuvenating rituals into my daily routine in order to stay centered and ready to meet the day with positivity and adequate energy. Some rituals that I have incorporated which have made a difference for me are:

I invite you to share in these rituals and to also create ones that resonate with you.
Even doing one nurturing ritual per day can give us the sense that we are taking care of ourselves and that we are important enough to do that. Once we are out of balance, it is much harder to bring ourselves back to harmony, and we sometimes stop trying. It is at these times that we can make poor choices with diet and lifestyle, which can ultimately deplete us even more.
Everyone has their own favorite rituals and practices, and it is important to honor them and allow ourselves the time to do them. When we are rested and ready to do our work in the world, there is much more support available. Our work actually gets done easier, as if we are not actually doing it – it is simply happening through us.

The world will then meet us in this nurturance and allow it to radiate through and into all that we do.