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Education Creates Justice and Opportunity

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sustainable and Regenerative Education

From the beginning, ORGANIC INDIA has sought to continually better our business practices, in order to positively impact our shared family, community, and earth. As commerce progresses toward Organic, Fair Trade, and LEED certifications, we thought, "there has to be more that we can do," especially in impoverished farming communities. We established a sustainable business model that supports the livelihood of farmers in India by providing education and training, thereby enabling self-sufficiency and building the foundation required for trainees to teach the next generation of farmers. Promoting education, a critical human right, is fundamental in combating the injustices of poverty.

Educating Farmers

Teach a man to teach, and you feed him for a lifetime.

In order to equip our family of farmers with knowledge and resources that support long-term solutions, we employ agro-specialists to teach our farmers and tribal wild-crafters organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. These skills are not only applied in harvesting our crops, but also in generating the knowledge and certifications necessary for farmers to grow sustainable and regenerative crops of their own. These sustainable skills beget sustainable income (while also improving their health and environment).

Educating Women

Teach young women to sew, and you clothe their families for a lifetime.

Our stitchery courses provide young women with the ability to make and mend clothing for their families. These courses equip young women with marketable and teachable skills beyond farming, for greater job potential and transferable knowledge.

Access to Education

We believe that it is never too early to learn, which is why we host programs in India encouraging parents to send children to school at an early age, and offering scholarships to children who may not otherwise have access to core and higher education.

While particularly difficult in developing nations, restricted access to education is problematic worldwide. Regeneration does not stop with protecting and restoring the earth—it also includes regenerative lifestyles with which a community can be self-sufficient, even in times of crisis. Fighting adversity with learned skills, and learning despite adversity makes education that much more precious. That is why we are not only in this for everyday sustainability, but for the "what else"—for the regeneration of families, communities and planet earth, through self-sustaining and self-reinforcing education and action. Bolstering continued education ensures that regenerative skills, experiences, and shared knowledge can be inherited by future generations in perpetuity.

Whole Planet Microloans

ORGANIC INDIA has long supported Whole Planet Foundation because we have seen firsthand the significant impact that microcredit has had throughout our home region of Uttar Pradesh, India and around the world. These microloans are not charity, but rather a viable opportunity for marginalized groups of micro-entrepreneurs to start or grow businesses. Even better, Whole Planet’s microcredit partners deliver much more than a loan to these underserved, under-banked communities; their partners provide a multitude of services from literary workshops, to business training, creating a powerful ripple effect in passing this education on to families and other members of the community.

This is Sujata, a microcredit client of Whole Planet Foundation’s partner in India. Sujata hopes the profits of her business will help her family begin saving for the education of their two small children. While one microcredit loan does not end poverty instantaneously, it will help people like Sujata provide better nutrition, healthcare, housing, and education to her kids, who will then be better prepared to escape poverty.

Uplift Families Out of Poverty

By participating in Whole Planet’s Prosperity Campaign, 100% of your donation will fund microloans around the world. Your contribution will give impoverished people access to microcredit, empowering them to build home-businesses and begin the journey out of poverty. Spread the message and donate to support entrepreneurs worldwide: