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Gathering Sunlight

Satya Dubay
Sunday, November 16, 2014

The sun, in many ways, is beyond our human capacity to comprehend. We are just beginning to access its energy in order to power our world and we continue to discover more about its mysterious existence on almost a daily basis.

Some of us have taken the initiative to harvest the sun’s power by placing solar panels on our roofs, while most of us at least can benefit from its energy through the food that we take in. This time of year especially is full of amazing fruits and vegetables that are so colorful and delicious that we can literally taste the sun’s energy through them.

Yet, did you know that you can also consciously gather energy directly from the sun, similar to how a plant soaks in the rays? Every cell on our skin receives solar energy directly, especially in our hands, which are natural collection sites, much like solar panels.

A simple practice, called Gathering Sunlight, allows us to bring in the light of the sun directly, bypassing the process of eating to receive its energy. It is a very empowering practice, as we realize that we naturally have the ability to tap into the energy of the sun. I am in no way suggesting that we stop eating, but you may notice that using this practice will decrease your appetite a bit, since you are being fed in a different way. I welcome you to try it and let me know what you experience.

To gather energy from the sun, stand or sit in a relaxed position, preferably in a natural setting outside. Hold your arms above your head, or at a comfortable position. Face your palms toward the sun. You may also tilt your head to face the sun more fully, yet be careful not to look directly at it.

As you breathe in, imagine you are inhaling at the palms. Allow the breath to come in through the pores of the skin. The light of the sun is riding on the breath, so as you breathe, the light is moving into your body. As you breathe out, notice that the energy is moving deeper into your body. You may feel it flow into the heart center, or into the lower abdomen, a potent collection and storage center, or into other areas that may be depleted.

Simply hold your attention on the palms and on the breath, while keeping an open perception of where the energy is moving within. I also recommend sending gratitude back to the sun as you breathe and to simply notice the effect of that.

You may begin to feel the palms warming up and tingling. They may feel full as they collect the light. Be aware of what you experience as you gather the sun’s energy. Do this for as long as desired, typically 5 to 15 minutes.

I enjoy doing this practice in the early morning. It is a beautiful way to greet the day and it fills me with a radiance that I can use throughout the day.

You can also do this practice with the moon, which is reflecting the light of the sun. The moon energy has a softer, more feminine quality and is wonderful for tapping into that similar essence within. Doing this on the full moon is very potent. Gathering moonlight may especially help women become more aligned with the natural rhythms of the body.

Summer is the best time to Gather Sunlight, since the sun is so intense and the days are long. Charging our internal battery during this time of year can support us during the darker months of the year.

Allow yourself the time to build an internal relationship with our star; feeding our hearts, feeding our bodies and in turn spreading this radiant light into all aspects of our lives.