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True Wellness for All

Monday, March 28, 2016

True Wellness at the Root of Everything

Since the launch of ORGANIC INDIA, it has been our goal to share True Wellness with as many people as possible. And what does that mean? True Wellness is a holistic vision of health and happiness that acknowledges the interconnectivity between all aspects of wellbeing, from the individual, to the community, to the planet. True Wellness is more than the absence of illness. True Wellness means taking responsibility for our health and peace of mind. True Wellness means minimizing toxins and reducing damage to our earth. True Wellness means consciously taking care of ourselves and others. Every day on our farms, we are regenerating and revitalizing communities through wellness programs, including access to clean water and free health care, in order to empower marginal farmers and their communities.

True Wellness is a collective responsibility. We do it to bolster the health of individuals, the earth, and the farming communities that make ORGANIC INDIA possible. We offer True Wellness to everyone in the areas we serve, not only to our family farmers, but to those in surrounding villages as well. ORGANIC INDIA healthcare centers serve and treat over 60,000 patients per year, free of cost. In addition, our surgeons travel to patients unable to access the clinics, providing cataract surgeries to restore vision. In our clinics, we offer both Allopathic and Ayurvedic (traditional Indian healthcare) treatments. Our healthcare clinics offer a very special and unique opportunity for women in particular - we employ female doctors, to allow women access to healthcare--a rarity in rural India. Women are receiving prenatal checkups, well-baby care and a variety of treatments for women's wellness issues that otherwise go untreated by a professional. We strongly believe that health should not be a privilege granted only to a select socioeconomic bracket. It is important that we take care of each other. Healthy individuals make for healthy communities. It is our proactive commitment to serving our communities that begins to dismantle the tight link between poverty and poor health.

In addition to ORGANIC INDIA’s health clinics and traveling healthcare professionals, our True Wellness educators also travel to villages of Northern India, teaching conscious lifestyle choices, from personal hygiene to prenatal and childcare. Not only have our educators improved the overall health amongst the villagers, they have also notably reduced the occurrence of common skin disorders, and improved the health of pregnant women and newborn babies.

ORGANIC INDIA provides True Wellness education and healthcare in order to improve the wellbeing and happiness of our family farmers and their communities. We believe that all beings everywhere deserve access to education on living healthy lifestyles, and safe, proper healthcare. We also empower the communities that we touch with the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle self-sufficiently, to uplift themselves and their families to improved states of health and happiness. Living with dignity and caring for the welfare of our loved ones is intrinsic to the human spirit. Man, woman, rich, poor–everyone wants to experience greater health and happiness. ORGANIC INDIA continues to provide opportunities for True Wellness education and healthcare in order to build the foundation for strong, healthy, happy communities.

Whole Planet Microloans

This month it has been an honor to partner with Whole Planet Foundation for their Prosperity Campaign, to raise $3.5 million for global poverty alleviation. We are proud to contribute $50,000 this year to help micro-entrepreneurs build home-based businesses and break the cycle of poverty. With your donations to Whole Planet Foundation, individuals living in poverty have the opportunity to start businesses to build a more sustainable lifestyle and escape the cycle of poverty, granting them a solid foundation from which to pursue True Wellness—health and happiness for themselves, their families and their communities. Learn how you can be a part of this powerful ripple effect: