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Heart Centering

Satya Dubay
Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One of the best ways to feel centered in compassion and kindness is by opening our heart chakra - the energetic wheel of light that rests in the center of the chest. Prana moves in and out of this center, and the more this prana is flowing and healthy, the more it is felt by ourselves and others as us having a loving nature.

Take a moment to tune into this space in the center of your chest. Does it feel open or guarded? Is there a color present? If so, is it vibrant or perhaps dull? Begin to breathe into this space, as if you are breathing right through your skin into this area. Let the fresh prana move in with your breath and allow it to expand into the chakra on the exhale. Continue breathing this way, allowing the heart chakra to soften, open and fill with healing light. As you continue, notice the color and the prana shift into a more balanced and open state.

If you are doing this with a partner, at this point send this loving energy back and forth into each other's hearts. Using your breath and focus, move the energy between you both. Feel the loving connection that you have.

Once your heart center is open, you may consciously notice when it is feeling guarded or stuck again. This simple practice can continue to open and strengthen this area, allowing more light to flow into your heart and from there, into the world.