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Honoring ORGANIC INDIA’s Very First Farmer

Monday, May 2, 2016

Kailashnath Singh was ORGANIC INDIA’s first farmer. By 1990, Kailashnath and his neighbors’ ancestral farmlands were devastated by the proliferation of biotechnology and the permeation of toxic pesticides. Villagers faced poverty and illness, while farmers struggled to adapt to the degraded agricultural conditions and perpetually high costs of industrial farming methods.

At the time, Tulsi seemed an unlikely crop, posing a great risk to farmers in the early days. Kailashnath was the first farmer to demonstrate trust in the ORGANIC INDIA vision. He took a leap of faith in converting his land into sacred Tulsi fields. Upon realizing Kailashnath’s success, many other farmers soon followed.

Today many small family farmers thrive practicing regenerative agriculture for ORGANIC INDIA’s products and their own subsistence crops. These small family farmers organically grow Tulsi and almost 100 other herbs, as their soil and land is rejuvenated and revived to its natural healthy state. Not only are regenerative agricultural practices regenerating the soil, but also the farmers, their families and their communities, as a result of improved physical and socio-economic wellbeing.

16 years after Kailashnath sowed the first Tulsi seeds, his village in Avadh has a new school, deep wells, a medical clinic and Tulsi fields surrounding the prosperous villages. These improvements not only contribute to current education and wellbeing, but also to the health and prosperity of future generations.

In Kailashnath’s own words, “Organic farming has come as a real blessing to our family. Our succeeding generations will reap the benefits and realize the fertility of the land is our true wealth.”

We honor Kailashnath Singh for his trust and faith in the ORGANIC INDIA mission. We offer our deepest thanks to all of our farmers who have dedicated their lives to bringing ORGANIC INDIA’s vision of True Wellness to the world. Thank you for acting as a vehicle of love and consciousness in action. We love you!