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Introducing, Prevention Wellness Teas!

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Story Behind the Herbs

Roots Run Deep: Regenerative Agriculture

For more than 25 years, Organic India has been committed to the practice of regenerative organic agriculture to regenerate soil health and fertility. Through our commitment to regeneration, we provide meaningful livelihoods to small family farmers, while restoring vibrant health to the environment. Our regenerative farming practices make for potent herbal supplements and tulsi teas, brimming with microbial diversity and phytochemical efficacy.

Rodale Institute Organic Research

As advocates for regenerative organic agriculture, we are enthusiastic supporters of the Rodale Institute because they have the longest running field trials of conventional vs. organic crops. The Farming Systems Trial(FST)® at Rodale Institute is America's longest running, side-by-side comparison of organic and chemical agriculture. The Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial 30 years of research shows that:

The Farming Systems Trial by Rodale Institute proves what we’ve always known—that regenerative organic farming is not only better for our global environment, but can also generate higher yields in adverse conditions, and can prove financially viable for small family farmers
Many would look at those trials and say that it might not be able to be replicated all over the world, but ORGANIC INDIA has shown that regenerative organic agriculture can be replicated on small family farms in the global south, despite adverse conditions and differing geographic regions.

Prevention Magazine

As we got involved with the Rodale family, we loved the fact that their publishing house, Rodale Inc., consistently spreads this ancient wisdom to the general population in digestible publications such as Rodale’s Organic Life and Prevention Magazine – spreading the word of organic living and lifestyles of health and wellness to a widespread audience.

Prevention approached ORGANIC INDIA, particularly interested in launching a brand of tea that can provide functional health benefits, with clinically researched ingredients – as products backed by science (providing functional health benefits) are what their readers demand. ORGANIC INDIA is a perfect fit, as our herbs not only provide functional health benefits, but are grown to Rodale standards of regenerative organic agriculture.

Addressing Common Health Concerns with Clinically Researched Ingredients

Prevention helped to solidify the concepts behind the teas, concentrating on areas that their readers struggle with most – digestion, energy and immunity. ORGANIC INDIA, drawing from 25 years of expertise in crafting delicious tulsi teas that double as herbal supplements, crafted new tulsi blends, specifically aimed to support healthy digestion, energy and immunity, and featuring clinically researched ingredients.

The result?

Prevention Wellness Teas: functional and probiotic tulsi teas for digestion, energy & immunity.Enjoy these functional blends to empower yourself on your path to wellness!