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ABARI Contributions: TentsTo Nepal

May 7, 2015

unpacking.jpgThe TentsToNepal team arrived yesterday to face the sobering situation in Nepal. With hearts and hands ready to help, they are greatly encouraged by all that has been accomplished so far.

We are all so inspired by the #LoveInAction that ABARI is bringing to the people in the worst affected areas of Gorka and Lamjung. ABARI have already sheltered 5,000 people covering three entire villages in the area, along with providing much needed supplies.

Now with the support of TentsToNepal and Avaaz, another 50,000 people in six districts are being reached, thanks to ABARI and the tireless efforts of the Believers network of dedicated young volunteers. Believers founder, Pemba Sherpa Khambache, is the pilot who has heroically flown helicopters and co-ordinated efforts since the day of the disaster.

ABARI and Believers reached Dhawa just two days after the earthquake, providing relief to the worst hit and otherwise inaccessible villages of Aampipal, and Taklung, then Barpak, where they are now based, sending teams to outer areas still not reached by relief efforts, such as Nuwakot and Kavre.

Here’s some images of unloading and setting up at Narayan Ghat, one of the temporary sewing factories where the tents are prepared and transported to Gorkha.

sewing1.jpg sewing2.jpg

TentsToNepal are also being used to establish much need health posts as well as sheltering the families who have lost their homes.

Discussions are already underway for Phase 2: to help the people rebuild their homes with sustainable natural materials. The buildings ABARI had constructed prior to the earthquakes are amongst the few that remain standing.

settingup.jpgABARI began their work in Nepal as a socially and environmentally committed research, design and construction firm that specializes in mud and bamboo construction. Today their #LoveInAction response is giving rise to the vision of building robust homes using local resources, to provide training to the villagers as they struggle to rebuild their lives, and to support their self reliance so they don't need to migrate to earn a living.

Between ABARI and Believers, there is an on-the-ground network of engineers, pilots, planners, statisticians, social scientists, doctors and construction workers. ABARI are sending out a call to the architects and civil engineers who share the spirit of #LoveInAction and would like to come join hands in rebuilding Nepal with sustainable, natural materials. Please send in your resume to For people who feel called to help on the ground, please coordinate with People In Need.

According to the United Nations, more than eight million people have been affected by the earthquake and more than 2.8 million are displaced. There are still many, many people to shelter with temporary accommodations and support needed to help the people rebuild their homes and their lives. If you feel inspired by this initiative for TentsToNepal, you can rest assured that your tax deductible donation will be put to good use.

Our thanks also to Dwaba and the team at Ramana's Seva Samiti for providing the means and co-ordinating the efforts of TentsToNepal from behind the scenes.

Please help us shelter the people with TentsToNepal.

Stay tuned for the next blog when our team arrives in Gorkha

Peace and True Wellness
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