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Living a Perfect Life

Dr. James Rouse
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

To be perfectly honest, I sometimes struggle with perfectionism. I have been known to be a bit hyper vigilant about how I prepare and finish my sautéed kale. I once held the downward dog yoga position only to pull a hamstring in an effort to get it just right. And yes, I more than once (actually much more) have lost my mind in the midst of a mindfulness practice and found myself losing my way in an effort to get it back. The good news is I am learning to soften my position of perfectionism, and with this more malleable stance my practice at life is much more fun and fulfilling. If you, or someone you know, are in need of a life- and love-giving move from punitive perfectionism to an all-out expression of personal discovery, creativity peace, joy and love then courageously choose to put your guard down and follow my lead.

Can unchecked and overly zealous perfectionism get in the way of creating a very good life? Research suggests that the pursuit of perfectionism is not a healthy endeavor. Perfectionism can lead to devastating outcomes in the form of depression, anxiety disorders, and OCD. Even more sobering is a study performed by Trinity Western University of 450 adults. Those who scored the highest on a perfectionism test had a 50% higher likelihood of death than those who scored lower. We can courageously choose to take the road more loving, accepting and compassionate and it is a path to greater success, longevity and fulfillment.

So what are the happy, non-perfectionistic wellness warriors doing to make peace with themselves? They commit to being on purpose and not all about the outcome. They see mistakes as opportunities for growth. And they embrace the experience of living as practice and not as a test. Please breathe into these ideas and opportunities and allow that inhalation to wash all over you and relax your muscles and nourish your heart. Our healing may come by going back to school.

Today and everyday forward, I am joyfully, humbly and gratefully enrolled in my “best living and life school.” I am choosing to show up for class every moment and use “loving self-discipline” as my teacher, which I am learning is being a student of my own life. I find that I tend to “pass with flying colors” when living and giving a life that is meaningful, peaceful, fulfilling, compassionate, creative and loving and enthusiastically live the lessons.

I have great news in that the “best living and life school” is now and always open-please bring yourself and a friend and I will save you a seat!