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The 2015 Nepal Earthquakes: How to Help

Connectivity, compassion, and collaboration are rising from the wreckage in Nepal. At a grassroots level, progress is happening each day, as people from all over the world come together to help the people of Nepal rebuild their homes, provide medical facilities and set up transitional schools. There is still so much to do. We are deeply touched by the spirit of #LoveInAction shining through the people who are giving and receiving in the shared efforts to rebuild a safer more sustainable future for the people of Nepal.

Many are asking: what is really needed and how can we truly make a difference? If this is a question in your heart, here are some ideas that may speak to you:


If you’d like to visit as a volunteer, you don’t need to be an experienced builder to participate in Rebuilding Nepal volunteer program.

Conscious Impact is dedicated to action oriented participation in social change across the planet by making a positive, conscious impact on global development. The most popular program right now is Rebuild Nepal for the Sept and Oct builds – and!rebuild-nepal/c216w

ABARI are developing 10 day and 3 week programs designed to be a fulfilling experience for volunteers contributing to the reconstruction efforts. The volunteer programs will provide volunteers with on-site workshops on building with rammed earth, brick making, bamboo truss making and mud plastering. If you are interested in joining ABARI’s volunteer programs, visit their FB page for updates or write to

At the start of monsoon, ABARI welcomed a group of young natural building architects from India, who came to lend a helping hand in the Rammed Earth Workshops and planning for the Model Villages including Areen and Azeer Attari from Put Your Hands together. Here’s what Azeer said about his experience volunteering in Nepal:

“It is a humbling experience to travel to a neighboring country and work hands-on with friends from all over the world to create temporary shelters, permanent homes and help support life. The warmth and generosity of the locals really touch my heart. I can remember till now the smile on the home owner Sanu Maya when the first day she greeted us. The gratitude in her smile i will never forget. I am coming back Nepal. “ For more information, see this ABARI feature on rebuilding Sanu Maya's place here.



If you have knowledge of simple technologies suitable in resource scarce environments, share it with those who can use it
In particular solar/wind/hydro power technologies that are simple to build, install, use and maintain. Contact Kira


Tourism is very important to the Nepalese economy. The tourism industry provides employment and income for tens of thousands of people in Nepal. During this time of tragedy, nothing is more comforting than support from a friend. Visitors to Nepal can help Nepal to recover from its wounds in many ways. Here are seven great reasons why to visit Nepal. Here’s what you also need to know about.


A great way to visit Nepal is to join a trek, or organise your own charity trek! The best time is Oct Nov March April. We recommend getting in touch with Birendra from Visit Nepal Tibet. Birendra can help you organize:

For more info on Inspirational Charity Treks:


Any amount counts – it all makes a difference to support the purchase of resources and other necessities to enable these trustworthy projects. Some of these organizations have been featured throughout our blogs so far, and will be introducing the focus of their projects in the upcoming series.


Be creative and gather your community together doing something you love!

Check here for updates on supporting local business.


A new generation of aid workers are emerging through the crises in Nepal – young people using social media to help save lives and rebuild the country.

For our many Nepali friends, just knowing that people are caring and sharing, gives them renewed energy to continue helping others. Here’s what you can do:

womensmiling.jpgPictured here are the ladies from ORGANIC INDIA’s Vrindavan Farm gathered together to share their prayers and Have A Cup Of Tea For Nepal.

This crisis is providing us all with an opportunity to explore #LoveInAction at a personal level, and experience first hand the basic human goodness that is our intrinsic nature. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to all who have donated funds and supplies to #TentsToNepal and all those who continue to send their blessings. May our prayers and offerings to Nepal convey our heartfelt compassion, and may this response of #LoveInAction help us to realize what is possible, when we come together for the benefit of all.