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Natural Rhythms

Satya Dubay
Sunday, November 16, 2014

Connect with the Earth through Simple Acts

There is something so intuitive about connecting with the Earth, the planet that we miraculously inhabit. Being made of its very elements, we can sense the strength of the healing energy it emits; and can connect with this by just some simple acts, such as placing our feet on the earth first thing in the morning or taking in a sunset at the end of a long day.

When we lose sight of or forget about this basic need of connecting, we can begin to get out of balance and out of sync with our own natural rhythms. Over time, this can lead to physical imbalances and other issues, such as depression, insomnia and many other challenges.

Our society is so different than it was even 100 years ago. We now travel in metal boxes and walk with rubber soled shoes on concrete, hardly ever connecting to the actual ground. We live on the surface of this vast planet, yet in our day to day lives we hardly ever have to come into physical contact with the natural world.

Earth's Healing Qualities

Earth’s healing qualities are available to us. She offers the gifts of water, minerals, and bountiful plants and shows us the beauty of wild animals and singing birds. We can connect with this living energy by spending time with the simple acts of life, such as looking at a wildflower for a few moments, watching the ocean waves crash on the shore or simply sitting on a rock in the mountains.

When we connect with nature, we are offered a simple yet profound awareness. Our thoughts often become too loud, surfacing with overwhelm and worry. Noticing the peacefulness of nature's everyday activity offers insight and calm. Think about the contrast of our minds' rapid activity to nature's world, lived softly.

Tuning into this softness is a remedy for health and wellness. Time may begin to feel irrelevant as we tune to a different rhythm of reality. We become aware of sounds, smells and beautiful sights that we hadn’t noticed at first, ones that may have been resonating on a level that we weren’t aware of. The colors of nature may shift - the shades of green are subtle, yet immeasurable, and may become more vibrant as we notice them.

A Different Sense of Life is Present Here.

As we spend more time in our natural rhythm, it may even feel as if we have entered a different world. We may begin to notice and sense our own nature as we open to this experience. We may notice the natural sway of our walk, and how it resembles the sway of the trees moving with the wind. Wemay notice the movement of breath, or a voice which echoes the song of the birds that we pass by. We may begin to sense our natural pace (which may be slower or quicker than we think it should be), and how it mirrors the way certain flowers open at just the right moment to catch the rays of the sun.

We may sense ourselves returning to being a part of nature, not just an observer of it. And in turn, nature becomes us as we settle into its state of being. This healing quality of nature is so available to us, simply by our noticing it. It reminds us, and mirrors to us, our own ability to allow peace to be present in every moment, however it looks.

Allow nature to embrace you so that you become a part of it.

During this beautiful time of year, when the days are warm, yet not too hot, allow yourself some time to be in nature. See if it is possible to find a defined boundary between you, and it. Allow what wants to be heard, and notice your ability to embrace the insights that arise. These insights often appear as a whisper, possibly through a gentle breeze or a small animal greeting you, yet they are profound and precious.

Spend more time in nature and see how your life shifts!