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ORGANIC INDIA and Tents to Nepal

May 2, 2015

Here at ORGANIC INDIA we've been deeply touched by the devastation of the Nepal earthquakes, and as we pray for Nepal, we find ourselves called to respond with #LoveInAction.

We are partnering with a highly impactful initiative to provide shelter to the people of Gorkha at the epicenter of the earthquake.

Tents To Nepal is based in India and collaborating with ABARI, an organization in Nepal.These teams have been dedicated to providing shelter, food and medical support with much love since the day after the disaster, to one of the worst-affected areas.

However, they need further assistance, and the survivors desperately need tents to shelter them from the freezing rain. Over 90% of the houses have been flattened, all road access is gone, and only 4 homes out of 1,800 are left.

Last week, as a heartfelt response of #LoveInAction, ORGANIC INDIA employees in India donated a significant proportion of their own salaries to pay for the tents canvas and sewing machines that are being sent now for medical camps and temporary accommodations. Its so inspiring for us to receive this opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way, and so grateful to each of our managers and colleagues for responding from the heart.

Our founders are matching every dollar and more, as well as sending herbal medicines and food supplies. The trucks are scheduled to leave in the next few days, perhaps even tomorrow, as soon as we can load them up and get them on the road!

If you would like to support this #LoveInAction to offer relief to the families of Gorkha, you can be assured that every dollar you can offer is of priceless value, and will be dedicated to having immediate impact by donating to Tents To Nepal.

Please visit this page to learn more With your support we can provide much needed shelter.

One of our team members is traveling with the trucks and is dedicated to documenting the entire process of bringing the tents to these remote villages.

We’ll share the journey with you over the coming days, and as the journey unfolds how we can continue to support the people of Nepal. Right now, it’s most urgent to provide basic shelter.

For all of us here at ORGANIC INDIA, it is a gift to be in service. We hope you will be inspired to join us.

In the words of our founders:
“This is an invitation from life to directly experience how natural it is for all of us to operate from love.”

May our prayers and offerings to Nepal convey our heartfelt compassion, and may this response of #LoveInAction help us to realize what is possible, when we come together for the benefit of all.

In peace and True Wellness,
Your friends at ORGANIC INDIA

#PrayforNepal and respond to the call with #LoveInAction