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Organic Is Not A Luxury, It’s A Necessity

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Harm no one, and benefit all–that has been our mission from day one. As people become more informed about what’s in their food and how it affects their bodies and the planet, organic products are in greater demand; but there aren’t nearly enough large companies embracing organic production to decrease prices for the community at large.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked passionately and diligently to become a trustworthy and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic products and solutions for healthy, conscious living. This meant creating a conscious business model committed to service, sanctity and integrity; a business model that supports natural, sustainable organic agriculture practices that serve, honor and protect Mother Nature, and the livelihood and wellbeing of farmers and tribal wild-crafters in rural India. We trust that our commitment to these standards will encourage other businesses worldwide to produce organic in order to make healthy food more accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.

We embrace the fundamental truth that everything and everyone is interconnected. We understand that in order for True Wellness to be, it must include All: All beings; the whole earth; the visible and the invisible. True Wellness is our guiding light, so that we can be loving, respectful and compassionate towards all beings, while caring for, and serving Mother Nature.

We strongly believe that organic farming should not be an option, but a requirement, so that people of all socioeconomic backgrounds have the ability to eat nutrient-rich, clean food.

Each product starts with an organic seed and a lot of love. From cultivating the land, to hand-picking harvests, to crafting the blends you steep in your mug–each step is committed to True Wellness for people and the planet. You can sip confidently knowing that we have never used synthetic chemicals, GMOs or irradiation on our farms. Our tea is clean, organic, and pure.

ORGANIC INDIA farms are a place of opportunity, community and shared purpose. Our founding mission to offer safe, effective herbal products to the world is the driving force behind an organic revolution that started with ORGANIC INDIA and is now taking root all across India. Every year, our network of thousands of farmers and wild-crafters work over half a million acres of organic farmland in India, bringing our consumers quality, organic crops and herbs, while simultaneously reversing environmental degradation in Indian farming communities. All of our farmers and tribal wild-crafters are educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. We pay all of the fees associated with acquiring the necessary organic certifications for them (including USDA Organic), and then we purchase the harvested crops and herbs at premium market prices. On their land, the farmers also rotate between growing crops for ORGANIC INDIA and growing food for themselves. This means that farming families are supported by a sustainable income, while at the same time improving and preserving their own health and natural environment. Our intention is to leave the planet in better condition than we found it by committing to practices that heal the Earth, enrich biodiversity, and sustainably regenerate the soil.

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