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10 Ways to Give Back to your Community this Season

Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P.
Friday, November 18, 2016

'Tis the season for comfort and joy! Why not get in that giving spirit (and have some fun in the process) by giving back to your community, just in time for the holidays! At ORGANIC INDIA, we are passionate about promoting love, peace, and happiness around the world. We believe that one person can make a big difference! Here are some ways you can spread some love and joy this holiday season.

  1. Make friends at an animal shelter: Got a passion for puppies? How about a craving for cats? Spend some time at your local animal shelter, either helping to clean cages, distributing food, or simply playing with their fuzzy friends! It is estimated that about 7.6 million pets enter animal shelters every year…that’s a lot of dogs, cats, birds, and small animals that need your love and support!
  2. Use your Green Thumb at a Community Garden: Local organic gardens are sprouting up everywhere and with the amount of work it takes to manage them, your green thumb skills are well needed! Plan on spending a chilly fall afternoon helping local gardeners weed, prune, and pick produce. Who knows? Maybe you’ll score some scrumptious squash or juicy apples!
  3. Make Sweet Treats for First Responders: Many of our police, paramedics, fire fighters and other first responders spend their time working during the holidays. Why not show them you care by baking up some sweet treats? Spend the day making some cookies, cakes, or even snack mix and bring it to your local police or fire station. The smiles on their faces will have you glowing for days!
  4. Spend Time with Some Seniors: Local senior centers will almost always welcome volunteers to come and hang out with their residents! Why not spend some time spreading the spirit with seniors in your community? Sometimes it can be as simple as listening to them share stories of their youth or letting your kids play board games with them. Whatever you do, you are sure to make some new memories for all involved!
  5. Become a Marvelous Mentor: Are you an expert in your field? Were you an A+ student at school? Even if you aren’t, why not volunteer your time to help someone just getting started in a field that you have experience in? Contact a local school or university and see how you can get involved in sharing your skills and expertise with students. You might just help create the next rocket scientist or millionaire business woman!
  6. Organize a Fundraiser: Instead of hosting a traditional yard sale, gather your neighbors and sell unwanted items for a good cause. There are plenty of non-profit organizations that would welcome a donation of any size. Dust off your old books, clean out your closet, and sell your old items with proceeds going to a charity of your choice.
  7. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter: Can you imagine spending the holidays away from your home, friends and family? How about not knowing where you were going to sleep at night? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people who have succumbed to homelessness. Get online and research the homeless shelters in your community. Chances are they will need your help either serving food, handing out clothes, or simply talking to those who are in need. It’s the perfect way to warm the hearts of those who are cold and hungry.
  8. Pick up some Trash: As frustrating as it can be, some people are just litter-bugs! Whether they simply toss their trash out the car window or won’t dispose of items in the appropriate container, picking up and recycling is a great way to improve the appearance of your community and the health of our earth! Get a team of friends and family together and spend the day picking up trash in your community. The environment will thank you for it!
  9. Rake your Neighbor’s Leaves: Don’t complain about your neighbor’s unsightly yard; get out there and help them pick it up! All of those fall windstorms can wreak havoc with leaves and branches falling everywhere. Grab the rake and start cleaning up the mess that Mother Nature as left behind.
  10. Take Care of Yourself! In order to spread love, you have to love yourself! Be sure you are promoting wellness in your body by drinking your favorite ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Tea, taking some ORGANIC INDIA herbal supplements. You can also feel good in knowing that ORGANIC INDIA products are fairly traded, sustainably harvested, and provide jobs for farmers in India. It doesn’t get any better than that! So, pour yourself a cup of ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Tea and savor the giving spirit of the season.

About the Author

Margaux Rathbun

Margaux is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the creator of Authentic Self Wellness. Her mission is to inspire others to live authentically as their true selves, nourishing their bodies with the nutrients needed to look and feel their absolute best. Margaux lives outside of Portland Oregon with her husband Jeff and their three dogs.