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Tap into your Light

Satya Dubay, Prana & Qi Healing Practitioner
Monday, January 23, 2017

This time of year can be difficult for many of us because of winter’s extended hours of darkness during the day. We can easily be pulled into the more challenging feelings of depression, heaviness and lethargy. This is counter balanced within our culture during the holiday season by displaying beautiful colored and white lights in our town and on our homes, but how do we tap into this light to benefit our inner state of being?

It is vitally important to find this spark of light within us in order to maintain our center, and to move through this time of year with strength and energy. Doing a daily mindfulness practice helps us discover these qualities within and can carry us through this time and into the brighter days of spring.

A wonderful personal practice for this time of year taps us into the light within, which is always shining, no matter what is occurring in the outside world. We invite you to dive into this internal light to see what it reveals.

The Heart Flame Practice

Begin by finding a comfortable position in a place where you can spend some time in a quiet, reflective space.

Settle into your body and your breath, allowing you mind to relax and quiet down. Become aware of the present moment, between your past and your future.

Bring your focus into your heart center, in the middle of your chest. Let your consciousness drop into this space, as if you are falling inward into your heart center, to a place of rest and inner peace.

Breathe from the center of your chest, as if you are drawing your breath through your skin and letting it settle in your heart space. As you rest here, be open to seeing the inner flame of light that is there, like a small candle flame that it burning.

Take your time with this, allowing it to reveal itself to you. Once you see it, be the witness of this flame, and notice its qualities.

What color is it? How high is the flame extending? What is its temperature? What does it feel like to have this flame burning within your heart, now that you’re noticing it?

Next, allow the flame to slowly expand, growing and encompassing your entire body. Rest inside this large flame and feel the qualities of this.

As you rest here, inside your light, allow the flame to reveal the inner wisdom that it holds. Spend some time here, fully experiencing the insights that come to you.

Once this process feels complete, allow the flame to condense back to just inside the heart center. See it again, as a candle flame, burning naturally.

Notice how you feel, knowing that this flame is always present and that you can always turn within and see its power and strength, which is your inner power and strength.

Allow this internal light to carry you through the day, the month, and the season, until the outer light increases, reflecting your inner world, and reflecting your inner radiant sun.

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About the Author

Satya Dubay, Prana/Qi & Sound Healing Practitioner, completed the Five Year Qigong & Pranic Healing Certification at The Qigong School in Boulder in 1999 and further studied healing practices with several healers and teachers throughout the years. She opened a private healing practice in 2000, seeing clients individually, and leading qigong and meditation classes. She brings these internal healing practices, along with the healing attributes of singing bowls, to ORGANIC INDIA's office space, as well as Yoga Loft in Boulder where she performs her Prana Sound Bath series.