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The Root of Gratitude

Thursday, November 13, 2014

In the rush of work and holiday planning, it is easy to veer off center, to lose track of what keeps us grounded. Let us come center, quiet in reflection. Let us get back to the root of the root. What are we thankful for?

We are living inside the body of the most beautiful Mother Earth. We are so grateful for this home. The grit of the wet dirt beneath us, the glowing wonder of the sun, the rain and wind that takes away the old and carries in the new. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had to serve and heal thousands of acres of land. Mother, we thank you.

We give grace to the plants for their breath and divine wisdom. For the oxygen that feeds our every cell. From the fire of ginger to the soft petal of rose, we embrace the harmony these natural gifts offer our bodies. We feel better because of you. Thank you.

To Tulsi, our leafy goddess, Queen of Herbs. For adapting our bodies to the stress. For body-soothing, mood-lifting magic. For making us resilient. You have stood the test of time – 5,000 years of wellness. May we have enough years to thank you.

And may we spend our years thanking our bodies, for our own nectar and light. For the ability to live a life of true wellness, and share this path with our families and brothers and sisters. We know wellness is not simply given, but something we must nurture. We are grateful for this knowing.

And where would we be without community? We are indebted to the wisdom of our teacher Papaji who first guided us along a path of truth, service, and love. We are grateful to our family of farmers whose dirt-loved hands, prayer, and joyful spirit add prana to our herbs.

And of course, you. You build our community and we are truly grateful for you. Every cup of tea in your hands is not just a bag of herbs in water – it is one link in a chain of love, respect and connectedness between our farmers and you.

From the deepest root of our gratitude, thank you. We wish you warmth this holiday season filled with good company, happiness and healthy conscious living.