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Transitional Schools in Dhawa: Tents to Nepal

June 15, 2015

Just this week, ABARI, Learning Planet and #TentsToNepal have completed work on the seven transitional classrooms in Dhawa, with surrounding communities setting up more transitional classrooms every day. Here’s how everyone in the community is getting involved with #LoveInAction – including the children themselves!

child-caption2.jpgThe recent earthquake devastated Dhawa, a Village Development Community in Gorkha that is home to 4,600 people, leaving the majority of houses uninhabitable.

“Most of our homes sustained severe damage and both of our schools were flattened in front of my eyes,” says Giri Raj Lamichhane, Head Master at Shree Prabhat Higher Secondary School in Dwaha, adding, “Thank God the earthquake took place on a Saturday, as none of the children were at school.”

According to Ashu Singh, one of ORGANIC INDIA’s volunteers in Dhawa, the children couldn’t wait to help set up their new school, once it had arrived. “We arrived with the #TentsToNepal volunteers, and kept the canvases in one of the few school rooms that was still somewhat intact. The children were excited and ready to start straight away!” says Ashu. “They were so happy to build their new classrooms with us!”

Giri Raj Lamichhane is guiding the teams trained by Learning Planet alongside the Headmasters of other schools in the surrounding areas to provide multiple transitional classrooms. #TentsToNepal have donated a total of 40 transitional classrooms in this area. Between the villages of Prabhat, Bagwati, Balajoti and several other small villages nearly, more than half of these transitional classrooms are already set up.

“Other schools in the region are asking for tents now. They come to see the designs, and to learn how to set up their own. I am collecting the requests, and we are trying to send the materials and people they need to them,” says Giri Raj Lamichhane.

Community members joined in to learn from the #TentsToNepal and Learning Planet volunteers how to put up the transitional schools. Many of the school children got involved to help the volunteers put up the transitional schools too.

image-8.jpgThe transitional school spaces provide almost 600 primary and secondary school children in Dhawa with a sheltered space to study, spend time together, and feel safe during the coming monsoon season. Within each of the tents two classes can take place at a time, hosting up to 80 children in total.

As with the majority of affected communities, shelter is not the only need. There is growing concern amongst communities about access to clean, safe water, food, seeds for the coming planting season, and an array of additional supplies.

“The water issue is becoming a growing problem here,” explained Giriji, “many of our water resources are gone and people are having to travel far to collect drinking water. Our farmers need seeds and veterinary doctors, and we need food supplies, too. People are busy making shelters for the monsoon. Everything is difficult.”

#TentsToNepal are planning to deliver additional supplies needed to assist Dhawa during the monsoon and to start rebuilding their lives once the rains are over.

image-9.jpgHere's where you can support #TentsToNepal classrooms.

Here's where you can support #TentsToNepal projects to continue building community shelters, health posts and monasteries throughout Nepal.

We lovingly invite you to share these links with your friends, colleagues or community. Every dollar donated is dedicated to sheltering the people of Nepal.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and gifts of support!