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What is Tulsi?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

For years when any of us served Tulsi Tea at events, we were constantly asked, “What is Tulsi?” Most people thought the name was the brand and had no idea that it is one of the world’s greatest and most cherished herbs.

Our tea is actually made from three types of Tulsi

Where Tulsi Likes to Grow

Tulsi likes the tropics and especially the Northern plains of India. As a revered plant, Tulsi is also grown indoors in many houses in India.

Benefits of Tulsi
Studies confirm Tulsi and many of its potent constituents support a healthy stress response and promote the natural detoxification process.

Tulsi’s Traditional Energetics

Tulsi is a very safe herb. For millennia Tulsi has been used by people of all age groups and both sexes. In fact it is one of the most highly regarded and recommended herbs in India.