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Free US Shipping On All Orders $50+

New Adaptogen formulas to help you feel your best year-round 

Adaptogens help the body adapt to physical, emotional and environmental stress and are considered “intelligent” herbs.

Essential Immune™

A go-to whole-herb formula for daily maintenance of healthy immune function.  Offering a unique blend of ancient Ayurvedic herbs, this nourishing formula encourages your body’s natural resilience and overall well-being.


-Immune System Health Maintenance Support

-Stress Relieving

-Contains Tulsi (Holy Basil), Ayurveda’s premier adaptogenic herb

-Kaduki, rich in immune-supporting antioxidants

Immune Aid™

Bolsters the immune system using a unique combination of ancient herbs.  This powerful blend of three essential herbs has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to reinforce the body’s natural defenses.


-Bolsters the immune support in times of acute stress

-Turmeric supports a healthy response to inflammation

-Cooling Neem possesses anti-bacterial properties

-Amla is a nutritionally dense immunomodulator

Full Breath™

Ayurvedic herbs that support healthy function of the respiratory system.  This nourishing formula helps maintain normal, clear breathing.


-Promotes clear breathing

-Contains Tulsi (Holy Basil), the premier Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb

-Pushkarmool promotes respiratory health

-Bibhitaki and Pippali detox and promote respiratory comfort

Energy Restore™

combination of ancient Ayurvedic herbs that promote vitality and endurance.  This adaptogenic formula assists the body’s ability to respond to stress, encouraging energy by day and sound sleep by night.


-Supports energy by promoting sound sleep

-Contains Tulsi (Holy Basil), Ayurveda’s premier adaptogenic herb

-Ashwagandha supports adrenal health

-Katuki for antioxidants and Neemkamal to support energetic focus

Essential Female™

A nourishing tonic for maintaining a healthy reproductive system.  Promoting hormonal balance and vitality, this unique formula contains ancient Ayurvedic herbs to support women through all stages of life.


-Shatavari promotes healthy hormonal & reproductive function

-Guduchi is a powerful rejuvenating tonic for the female system

-Tulsi lends balancing support

-Lodhra is soothing, cooling, and calming to the female system


Essential Male™

Provides potent support for men’s sexual health and vitality.  This powerful blend incorporates herbs used for centuries in Ayurveda to ignite passion, support healthy circulation and promote optimal sexual health.*


-Revitalizes male reproductive system

-Ashwagandha promotes health libido, endurance and vitality

-Gotu Kola supports healthy blood flow throughout the body

-Saffron promotes healthy sexual function


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