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ORGANIC INDIA products are made from a carefully curated selection of herbs cultivated by our organic farmer partners in India. All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are grown using ancient Ayurvedic bio-regenerative methods to maximize efficacy. Learn about each herb’s characteristics and the associated traditional Ayurvedic lore by exploring our herb pages.

Featured Herb: Tulsi

Venerated for thousands of years in India, Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is known as “The Queen of Herbs.” Tulsi, a member of the basil family, is cultivated for traditional medicine, herbal teas, and essential oil. This plant is classified as an “adaptogen,” meaning that it has unique characteristics that support the body’s response to physical, environmental, and mental stress.

According to the Journal of Ayurveda Integrative Medicine, “Studies reveal that tulsi has a unique combination of pharmacological actions that help the body and mind cope with a wide range of chemical, physical, infectious, and emotional stresses and restore physiological and psychological function.”

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