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True Wellness

Supporting health and wellness for the body, mind and spirit.

Meet the Farmers

Celebrating the people who take our herbs from field to cup.

Regenerative Agriculture

Agricultural practices that improve biodiversity and soil quality.

Whole Herb

Honoring nature’s wisdom through potent and powerful herbal formulations.

Consciousness in Action

Creating a world of interconnectedness and shared abundance.

True Wellness

At Organic India, wellness is our primary guiding principle, allowing us to be loving, respectful and compassionate toward all beings.

Everything we do results from careful consideration of what is best for our customers, what is best for society and what is best for the planet, both today and for generations to come. Every Tulsi tea product and every herbal supplement is meticulously crafted to be potent, full of life and capable of supporting health and wellness for our customers.

True wellness is a sustainable, holistic vision; an open invitation to celebrate the gift of life. Wellness is more than just a lack of illness, it’s about vibrancy, purpose, harmony and a genuine feeling of being happy and healthy. It’s also about being fully present and in tune with the deep inner core of being. It’s about thinking with your heart and seeing how your lifestyle choices affect more than just your own well-being. Consciously choosing to see the interconnectedness of all and take responsibility for your own health and happiness is what true wellness is all about.

And wellness goes beyond the physical self, instead focusing on the whole being—body, mind and spirit—through reducing toxins in the body and in the environment, managing stress, increasing immunity and vitality, moving your body in natural ways, reducing the cost of illness, exercising your mind body connection, relating authentically to all beings and living more fully.

Every time you enjoy an ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Infusion or one of our organic herbal supplements, you can feel confident that you’re supporting your own wellness, the wellness of others, the wellness of the planet and the wellness of our future.

To learn more about ORGANIC INDIA's commitment to wellness, please watch the videos below:

Tulsi Puja

Tulsi Puja : Chote Lal

Natural Pest Management : Shankar Pratap Singh

Tulsi Tea

Throughout India, Tulsi is considered "The Queen of Herbs" and is revered as a sacred plant.

Herbal Supplements

Ayurveda is a complete healing system, combining mind, body and spirit that originated in India thousands of years ago.