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True Wellness

Supporting health and wellness for the body, mind and spirit.

Meet the Farmers

Celebrating the people who take our herbs from field to cup.

Regenerative Agriculture

Agricultural practices that improve biodiversity and soil quality.

Whole Herb

Honoring nature’s wisdom through potent and powerful herbal formulations.

Consciousness in Action

Creating a world of interconnectedness and shared abundance.

Whole Herb

At ORGANIC INDIA, we respect the intelligence of nature.

Our herbs are potent and full of life, or prana – an ancient Sanskrit word that roughly translates to breath or life force. Just as in a yoga practice, one’s breath connects movement of the body with the mind, prana is the force that connects the physical and non-physical parts of ourselves. The path to vibrant health goes beyond physical well-being to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. ORGANIC INDIA empowers people to live vibrantly healthy lives by growing, harvesting and packaging our herbs with intention, based on a foundation of whole herbs in their purest form.

Plants are an incredible force of nature that transform the energy of the sun into nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants that nourish our bodies. We honor the intelligence of nature by partnering with farmers who lovingly grow these incredible herbs using organic and regenerative practices. This results in whole herbs that provide benefits beyond those of any single constituent.

Maintaining the integrity, potency and prana of our herbs from the moment they’re harvested to the moment you enjoy them is the driving force behind our processes. From traditional harvesting techniques to sophisticated dehydration technologies, our processes are designed to prevent phytochemical breakdown and preserve the matrix of the bioactive molecules. These potent herbs then find their home in our organic vegetarian capsules or in our unbleached and compostable hemp teabags – free of toxic chemicals, solvents or alcohols. The result is a pure and potent product, empowering you on your path to vibrant health.

By choosing ORGANIC INDIA products, you are choosing the highest quality herbs that empower you to live a vibrantly healthy life while contributing to a healthier planet and a life of dignity for our farmers.

To learn more about ORGANIC INDIA's commitment to the intelligence of nature, please watch the videos below:

Tulsi Tea

Throughout India, Tulsi is considered "The Queen of Herbs" and is revered as a sacred plant.

Herbal Supplements

Ayurveda is a complete healing system, combining mind, body and spirit that originated in India thousands of years ago.