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  • Chilled Spiced Turmeric Latte (Iced Golden Milk)

    Spiced, iced and absolutely delicious, enjoy this easy spiced turmeric iced golden milk latte, blended with authentic warming spices.

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  • What is Kandhamal Turmeric? All About This Golden Spice

    What is Kandhamal turmeric? Discover the qualities of this spice from the Kandhamal district in India, its GI tag, and farming practices. 

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  • Turmeric Vs. Ginger: Differences, Uses, & Benefits

    Are you comparing turmeric vs ginger? Read on to learn the differences, flavors, synergy and uses of these two infamous super roots.

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  • Golden Chai Latte with Tulsi Turmeric Chai

    Enjoy the warming and cozy feels of this delicious Golden Chai Latte, made with our organic and fairtrade Tulsi Turmeric Chai tea.

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  • 7 Magical Benefits of Turmeric Tea

    Turmeric, also known as “Indian Saffron” and “The Golden Spice,” is one of Ayurveda’s best-known herbs. A member of the ginger family, this bright orange rhizome has been used throughout India and Asia in cooking, skin care, as a dye, in traditional Ayurvedic herbalism, and in spiritual ceremonies. These days, Turmeric and/or its active component, […]

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  • Turmeric Sunflower Spelt Bread with Psyllium

    Try this tender Turmeric Spelt Seed Bread packed with gut-loving benefits from Organic India Pre & Probiotic Fiber.

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  • Turmeric Golden Milk Ice Cream (Non-Dairy)

    Summer refreshment is all about cooling off as we soak up the sunshine—but we can still enjoy our favorite warming comforts, too! With its soothing, aromatic blend of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and a pinch of black pepper, golden milk is renowned for its ability to support healthy inflammatory response and soothe the body. In this […]

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  • Easy Homemade Turmeric Croutons

    Jump to Recipe It’s the season for salads, when nature extends endless invitations to revel in her sun-ripened glory. Top off the bounty with homemade Turmeric croutons! Easy to make, this simple recipe delivers more than fabulous flavor and incredible crunch, thanks to our ORGANIC INDIA herbal supplements.  Here’s a great opportunity to make the […]

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  • Neem and Turmeric: The Yogic Herb Duo

    In the West, most of us reach for a cup of coffee or tea (or maybe a lemon water if we’re on a real health kick) to energize us first thing in the morning. However, for those who follow Eastern yogic tradition and Ayurveda, caffeinated beverages are replaced by a morning dose of neem and […]

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  • Pina Colada Smoothie with Turmeric

    Bright as sunshine but light and refreshing, this Pina Colada smoothie is just what summertime calls for, with every sip a restorative taste of the tropics. Our ORGANIC INDIA Turmeric Formula supports a healthy inflammatory response and has antioxidant properties while adding extra radiance to this naturally sweet, cooling beverage. A staple of Ayurvedic systems […]

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