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Shankhpushpi: Cognitive Support

The flowers (Pushpa) of this plant resemble the shape of a conch shell (Shankh), giving the name Shankhpushpi. Descriptions of the plant date back to the Acharya Charak, an Ayurvedic text from 200 BC. All classical Ayurvedic texts categorize Shankhpushpi as a “Medhya,” or brain tonic. Modern research confirms Shankhpushpi’s cognitive value.

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Shankhpushpi Body and Mind Benefits

Also known as “Mangalyakushuma” in Sanskrit, meaning “bringer of good fortune and health,” Shankhpushpi is valued for enhancing stomach fire, or “agni,” along with support for cognitive health — memory and mood. 

Because the ancients believed that this plant enhanced the brain’s capacity and focus, Ayurveda recommends Shankhpushpi for recovery from intensive studying, computer work, and memorization. Shankhpushpi has also been associated with heart health, and is considered a tonic for the skin with conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and sunburn.

Where is Shankhpushpi grown?

Where is Shankhpushpi grown?

ORGANIC INDIA Shankhpushpi is wildcrafted from organic-certified forest regions in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Shankhpushpi for Healthy Conscious Living

ORGANIC INDIA’s Shankhpushpi is organically grown according to ancient Ayurvedic regenerative cultivation practices to ensure the highest possible efficacy, or “prana.” All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are processed and tested in compliance with FDA and World Health Organization safety protocols. 

At ORGANIC INDIA, we recognize the vast interconnectedness of life. From seed, to soil, to field, to factory, our products empower the farmers of India, promote environmental and economic recovery, and provide wellness solutions derived from nature’s intelligence.

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