Welcome, Tryazon hosts!

Thank YOU for hosting Organic India’s first ever No Tech Tea Party! We are grateful for you and to be a part of your wellness journey.

Our mission is to provide wellness solutions to a community dedicated to healthy, conscious living. We see a need now more than ever for real human connection. In-person gatherings are highly valuable because they foster these authentic relationships.

Thank you for gathering your friends and family for the sake of Healthy, Conscious Living! In order to be fully present and engaged with each other, we invite you to turn off all technology and set your phones aside for a period of time while enjoying the health-promoting benefits of Tulsi! A mini “tech-cleanse” if you will.

Being constantly connected prevents us from giving our full attention to friends, family and our immediate social environment. There is no doubt that smartphones provide an array of highly valuable benefits! However, research shows that it comes with subtle social and emotional costs. Are our technology habits interfering with real-life social connections?

Our powerful devices consume our attention, and where attention goes, energy follows… Read more on our three part “Taming Technology” article series:

Taming Technology Part I: Take Back the Night

Taming Technology Part 2: Reclaiming Your Superpowers

Taming Technology Part 3: Four Ways to Master Social Media Traps

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More than a Cup of Tea!

We invite you to take the five minutes that it takes to steep a cup of tea to bring ourselves to calm awareness.  Good things come in small packages — here are three ideas for four-to-eight minute “steeping” practices.