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Trip Report - Visiting ORGANIC INDIA in India

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Every year our U.S. family members have the unique opportunity to travel to India and each trip includes a few employees as well as several hosted guests. We visit with farmers and tour the ORGANIC INDIA factory and marketplace with our India based coworkers. We are thrilled to share highlights from our most recent voyage with you!

This year’s ORGANIC INDIA traveling companions were: National Education Leader, Amy Keller, National Educator, Robyn Maitland, Direct Sales and Customer Care Manager, Satya Dubay and Sales and Marketing Assistant, Tracey Farnes.

We hosted many special guests, including Brenda Igler, the Director of Herbalism at the California College of Ayurveda and her husband Kevin. We also shared several exciting days with 20 team members from a large, U.S. natural retail chain.

After a non-stop 15-hour flight filled with much anticipation, we were immersed in Delhi’s frenetic energy as our vehicles zipped through streets crowded with livestock, vendors, bicycles and rickshaws. We arrived safely to our guesthouse and enjoyed our first night of gracious Indian hospitality and had a good night’s sleep, preparing for the busy days ahead.

Spending several days in the bustling city of Delhi, we worked with ORGANIC INDIA sales people, toured the marketplace and met retailers. We were fascinated to learn about different communication styles and how business is conducted in India.

Next we flew to Lucknow, the home of ORGANIC INDIA’s headquarters and our research and teaching farm, known as Brindavan, which means “Tulsi Forest.” Staying at the guest house here is special in every way, from being blessed with food made fresh from our farm with love and gratitude by our joyful farmers, to participating in the puja (a prayer ceremony) known as Agni Hotra each sunrise and sunset. This is an important ritualistic part of biodynamic farming where rice, dung and ghee are burned to bless all of the components on the farm, including the vegetation, animals, insects, water and ether. Timed precisely with specific chanted mantras, this ceremony “seals and protects the earth to the heavens” and is preformed on all ORGANIC INDIA farms 365 days a year.

The farm offered countless educational and beautiful experiences! Some of our fondest memories are: daily walks learning about the trees, herbs, animals and composting techniques as well as daily spiritual practices, learning about guru Papaji and the consciousness that inspired ORGANIC INDIA’s birth and its vision and mission for the people and the planet, and spending a celebratory afternoon and lunch with our farmers, getting to know them personally.

Everyone enjoyed participating in this annual ceremony where the farmers are gifted functional gifts – this year the received stainless steel dishes for their families. India is in constant celebration and is abundant with smiling faces, singing and vibrant clothing.

In Lucknow we also spent time working with ORGANIC INDIA sales people in the marketplace and visited retailers, doctors, clinics and hospitals while educating about our products, vision and mission. Additionally, we toured our factory and everyone had the privilege to meet with our passionate global CEO, Krishan Guptaa. It was mind-blowing to witness the “behind the scenes” production working hard to distribute our products to over 40 countries worldwide!

Next, our large group migrated by train to Varanasi, located on the banks of the holy Ganges River. Varanasi claims to be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and is steeped in rich culture, tradition and ancient history. This final stop was last but not least, because here we had the honor of visiting CASHPOR, a microcredit program where microloans are offered to women to build small businesses and their communities. Please visit this link to learn more about our time spent with the women supported by CASHPOR.

Returning home our minds and hearts are full of gratitude and awe. It is an honor and blessing to be part of such an amazing company that is truly best described as a “Vehicle of Consciousness.”

Read a few thoughts from our guests about their experiences:


"After multiple trips to India, I never cease to be amazed by its raw humanness and the oneness that can be realized there like none other. My soul’s gratitude for this connection to humanity, Mother Nature and the Divine cannot be expressed in words."

"India far exceeded my expectations on every level: patience, beauty, generosity and spirituality. I am forever changed and strive to apply this same rhythm and grace in my daily life."

"There is a mysterious, sacred undercurrent in India that we can come into resonance with. Once seen, we realize we are all a part of it."

"It is difficult to imagine that a place so hectic, vibrant, colorful and magical can be occurring simultaneously with what I know as every day."

"To connect so deeply in India with the roots of ORGANIC INDIA has inspired my passion and respect for this company on an entirely new level!"

"ORGANIC INDIA is a wonderful company and every aspect is mindfully considered from their farms and farmers to their factory, all the way to the retail shelf. We had a powerfully conscious farm to table experience everyone at ORGANIC INDIA can be proud to be a part of."

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