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Three Ways to be More Present

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Dr. James Rouse presents three ways we can be more present in every moment of our lives.

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Living a Perfect Life

To be perfectly honest, I sometimes struggle with perfectionism. I have been known to be a bit hyper vigilant about how I prepare and finish my sautéed kale. I once held the downward dog yoga position only to pull a hamstring in an effort to get it just right. And yes, I more than once [...]

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Gift Yourself Presence

Please read the following out loud with conviction: “I know all I need to live an awesome, authentic, inspiring, creative, purposeful and inspiring life of fulfillment and love. Today and everyday I courageously choose to engage in positive daily rituals that gift me the presence to live from this knowing!” Well done-good for you! I [...]

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Being Full of Grace and Grit

When are you feeling most alive? When are you in that highly attractive and coveted place, where your confidence is soaring, your mind is full of inspiring thoughts, your actions are powerful and your energy reflects a transcendent quality of love? When I am in the midst of living this type of “love fest” I [...]

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Telomeres: 3 Ways to Protect Your DNA

Dr. James Rouse explains how telomeres help protect your DNA. Watch the video here!

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Turmeric powder as a natural tooth whitener??

Can this bright orange-yellow spice actually whiten teeth? It seems so strange that something that has the tendency to instantly leave a yellow stain on almost everything that it comes into contact with could possibly be one of the more effective natural tooth whiteners, but it in fact may actually be true! There [...]

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I am working on myself… are you? Actually I am more working on allowing my true self to come thru, which seems to be a lot of work, albeit the best kind of work. And, now that I am fully into the third quarter of this life I have been playing long enough to know what “practice” tends [...]

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The Highest Version of Yourself

Learn how to manifest the highest version of yourself, with Dr. James Rouse.

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Exercise Your Kindness

Dr. James Rouse explains how kindness can help you live longer

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Panchakarma– 5 Actions for Spring Cleansing

An essential part of Ayurveda is following the cues of nature– eating what nature provides for the season. The summer offers cooling, fresh fruits and vegetables, while fall and winter provide warming, insulating root vegetables. It is spring that refreshes with bitter roots, sprouts, and berries. Each of these harvests serves a specific function for [...]

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