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Empowering Women Conquers Poverty

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True Wellness for the world starts in caring for one another. Our farmers are among India’s most at-risk populations: widows, the elderly, the illiterate and marginalized women who are all too often undervalued. 

We know first hand that when you empower women, you empower community. It’s not one person or one family that you affect — it’s the entire village. Every day we honor our women farmers, whose work and wisdom help create sustainable land & communities. On our farms, female farmers are paid the same wages as male farmers, and are provided with access to free health-care, an employment practice that is, unfortunately, not common in India, even now in 2016. It is our duty and honor to take action as a company to support and celebrate the achievement of the mothers, daughters and soul-sisters who nurture bravely, build wisely and create compassionately this beautiful world we live in.

Right now we are in the midst of this year’s Prosperity Campaign with Whole Planet Foundation. ORGANIC INDIA has long supported Whole Planet because we have seen first hand the significant impact that micro-credit has had in our home region of Uttar Pradesh, India and around the world. Our efforts with Whole Planet help provide microloans to over 1.2 Million women entrepreneurs in 70 countries. 

Here are just a few of the beautiful success stories coming out of India through Whole Planet’s microloan program:

Sogra’s Story:

Sogra is a shop owner in the rural village of Rasulpur, located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Her shop offers a variety of everyday items and food.

The store is a small addition to her home, where she lives with her husband and four of their six children. Microloans through our partner CASHPOR have helped Sogra maintain and grow her business. She says, “I am proud to have had the opportunity to open and expand my store.”

She used her first loan with CASHPOR of 5,000 INR ($84 USD) to build and stock the beginnings of her store. Her next loans in the amount of $10,000 INR ($168 USD) and 25,000 INR ($419 USD) are currently being used to purchase more goods that are in demand in her community. She most recently started selling rice and wheat, which she bought in bulk and sells in smaller amounts.

Ruksana’s Story

For thousands of years silver has culturally been a part of daily life in India. Often used as a garnish over sweets, edible silver foil is seen glowing in the glass cases of most traditional sweet shops. Throughout India, is it believed that consuming low traces of silver holds health benefits from its antibacterial properties. Ruksana began a small business creating thin pure silver leaflets to cover sweets, purchasing small squares of silver in bulk. 

The work we do as human beings matters. And if you’re lucky, once in your life, you will be shown first hand how closely we are all connected, and how we are all one.

Join us in helping women around the world lift themselves out of poverty! We are raising funds to give people access to microcredit so they can build home-businesses and begin the journey out of poverty. Spread the message and donate to support female entrepreneurs worldwide: http://bit.ly/WPF2016

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