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Chyawanprash - The Healthy Jam

As someone with an extensive list of food allergies, there are few things I love more than coming across a new exciting superfood that works with my diet restrictions. One of my favorite recent finds is Chyawanprash- a nutritious jam that has actually been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Chyawanprash is made from [...]

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7 Ways to Reduce Stress for Men

This month we celebrate men… and especially fathers. Although these solutions can be helpful for everyone, this month we have focused on solutions that are especially effective for men’s health. The main men’s issue that I see in my office over and over can be summarized in a few words: STRESSED… EXHAUSTED… SCATTERED.More and [...]

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Shatavari and Maca

We get a lot of questions concerning the use of Shatavari compared to the popular herb Maca. Both are great herbs to support female reproductive health and have a variety of uses. General Info about MacaAdaptogenTraditionally used for to increase fertility and libidoUsed to balance hormones in both men and womenMaca's active constituents are alkaloids called [...]

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Herbs for Supporting Thyroid Health

We know that metabolism is possibly the most important factor that determines the state of our wellness, energy and beauty. We also know the thyroid is vital in controlling metabolism. Therefore, supporting thyroid function is a key element in optimizing metabolism.Our Body/mind is in a Continual Process of CookingOn the surface it may seem that [...]

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​How to Perform an At-home Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse (Pancha Karma)

There is a special cleanse recommended in Ayurveda that should be performed 1-3 times per year during the change of seasons (In Spring, Fall, and Winter in January after the new year are the best times.) This cleanse is simple, effective, and only takes 4 days which makes it very easy to do in [...]

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Seven Ways to Ensure the Graceful Initiation of Menopause

“I am not a Woman, I am a World.”Queen of ShebaA woman's transition into her Wisdom years is a grace-filled time of life, an initiation given by life itself. To optimize this transformation, one can initiate true wellness practices and intentions early, in the 30's if not the 20's, to ensure an empowered and graceful [...]

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Head-to-Toe Health with Turmeric

by Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP www.thehealthyapple.comAfter years of dealing with inflammation, digestive issues, and heavy metal accumulation in my body, I’ve come to cherish anything that can help alleviate these symptoms. One of the most amazing herbs I’ve found to keep me healthy head-to-toe is turmeric. In particular, I love the Turmeric Formula from ORGANIC INDIA.ORGANIC [...]

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Support Happiness with Kidney & Adrenal Care

How would you like to significantly increase your stress resilience and look good while doing it? Read on to learn how to support your kidneys and adrenal glands!Our Champions of Stress ResiliencePerhaps no organ more than the kidneys and no gland more than adrenals are challenged more by stress, nor are more capable of increasing [...]

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Five Ways to Ensure Restorative Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for so many reasons. Without it, we notice some symptoms on the surface – a foggy mind, lack of energy and fatigue. But missing out on deep, restorative sleep can also impact digestion, hormones, stress response, and more. Read on for five ways to ensure you get the sleep [...]

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