What is Andrographis? Benefits, Origin and Usage

09/14/2021 |
Herbal Secrets
Tincture bottle and dropped full of andrographis extract on a straw table cloth with plant

There is no lack of effective herbs that will help support your health and wellness. But what separates Andrographis is that many studies have been performed to examine its effectiveness for a wide range of health conditions. Known as a cooling herb that soothes and balances the body, it has long been used in Thailand, India, China and beyond. Research exhibits beneficial properties in Andrographis with regard to the small and large intestines, stomach, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, immunity, liver function and much more. It’s like the chameleon of the health world with its ability to address a variety of conditions.

What is Andrographis?

Andrographis is bitter-tasting herb, primarily used for immune support, that has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic systems for thousands of years. This plant, known as the “King of Bitters,” has undergone more than 800 studies since the 1950s in both the east and the west to reinforce its ancient health applications in the modern world. It’s an herb native to India, Sri Lanka and other areas throughout South Asia. Growing in the tropics and subtropics, it is also sometimes used ornamentally for its narrow green leaves and delicate pink-white flowers.

You may have heard Andrographis referred to as Indian Echinacea, Fan Talai Jone, Chuan Xin Lian, Chiretta, and Kalmegh. But no matter what you call it, Andrographis offers so many benefits as a stand-alone herb or with a combination of other herbs.

Lush green andrographis leaves and one small delicate white and pink andrographis flower.
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The leaves, stems and roots contain natural bioactive components, namely diterpenes, flavonoids, xanthones, noriridoides and other miscellaneous compounds, that have been shown to help support healthy inflammatory response, antioxidant activity, digestive health, immune function and heart health. Here are some of the benefits of Andrographis examined:

Antioxidants and Phytochemicals

The powerful antioxidants in Andrographis can help protect the body against free radicals and support overall health. Studies have been performed that have shown its ability to help detox the liver, kidney, heart, lungs and spleen. In addition, phytochemicals in the leaves, namely andrographolide, isoandrographolide, 7-O-methylwogonin and skullcapflavone-1 were found to help mediate healthy inflammatory response.

Immune and Respiratory Support

Andrographis stimulates health and supports the body’s innate immune potential. It fortifies your natural defenses against any potential seasonal or airborne woes, bringing a whole body sense of comfort and vitality. It also can help support healthy respiratory function and promote normal, clear breathing. This makes it a well-rounded remedy for immune regulation.

Digestive Health

The leaves of andrographis support gastrointestinal health and the roots have stomachic properties, which aid in healthy digestion. As a digestive bitter, this herb not only helps soothe the entire gastrointestinal tract, it helps the body absorb nutrients. It also support the large and small intestines and promotes a healthy gut microbiome.

Organ Support

Andrographis is an ally to just about every organ in the body. It helps support heart health, liver health, gallbladder health and more. It works to support normal function of the organs and regulate healthy blood pressure, detoxification, hormone balance and healthy blood sugar levels. Every organ in the body is connected and when you take care of them, or better, when you take care of several at once, it helps all the body processes run smoothly and keep you well.

Long slender green leaves of the andrographis plant.
Image Andrographis Paniculata.jpg by 1940744 Shreshtha under the under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Resized and compressed from original.

Usage of Andrographis

You’ll find that Andrographis come in a variety of forms and potency in extracts, liquids, tinctures, and tea blends. For example, for detox, it is great to pair andrographis with other herbs like Katuki and Ginger for cleansing, detoxification and renewal. No matter which supplement you choose, it’s crucial that you select a quality product.

When choosing andrographis supplements or tea blends, you want to select a product that is made with 100% organic, Non-GMO ingredients, and grown by regenerative agriculture by a company with a proven track record of quality.

When it comes to immune support, detoxification, digestive support and more, andrographis is your all-in-one remedy. This King of Bitters is the ultimate addition to your wellness routine and can support you through all of life’s changing seasons.