What’s Your Focus?

12/15/2020 |
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Focus, closely associated with intention and attention, is an often overlooked human superpower. The world around us is fiercely fighting for our attention and focus — An article from the McGovern Institute states that, “There are constant distractions in the world, a cacophony of noise and visual stimulation. How and where we focus our attention, and what the brain attends to vs. treating as background information, is a big question in neuroscience.” 

If we learn to take back our attention and harness our ability to focus we can make profound changes in our lives. So often we experience nagging monkey-mind thoughts — self judgements and criticisms — saying things like, “I need to get more fiber,” or “I’ve got to manage all this stress.” Those fleeting thoughts give way to the next thing demanding our attention, and following through with a clear plan of action falls to the wayside. The thoughts will circle back to nag, but life continues at its frenzied pace, making its demands on our attention and energy. 

Learning to pay attention to, and focus on, our needs and self-care connects us to building a habit of healthy, conscious living.

In his TED Talk, “How the Power of Attention Changes Everything,” Jeff Klein, CEO of Working for Good, says, “This simple act of paying attention is the key to connecting with ourselves, connecting with others, and the possibility of transforming our relationship with the world.” In other words, learning to pay attention to our own needs and self-care connects us to building a habit of healthy, conscious living. And setting the intention for focus on any particular issue can lead to action and creating new habits. In his talk, Klein goes on to say, “Between stimulus and reaction there is a space. In this space, lies our freedom and power to choose our response. And in our response lies our growth and freedom. Attention is an incredibly powerful force — it allows us to recognize what’s going on, and what we do with it.”

Intention, Attention, Focus

The thought flashes by — “I need to work on XYZ (take your pick)” — but moves on. There’s a potential intention flying by. How can we jump into the space of attention, then focus on action to deliberately address the “thing” we know we need, but evades us? Here’s the thing we secretly know — if you don’t manage your attention and awareness, everything else will.

Having a plan in place that provides action items and motivations with frequency over time is one answer.  This is “focus,” and harnessing it can lead to a better relationship with ourselves and our well-being. ORGANIC INDIA has created mini focus plans for four areas: Stress, Immune Health, Digestion, and Cognition — four things we can learn to pay attention to, making life more manageable. 

Stress Focus

We all know about stress. We’ve all heard about how stress impacts every aspect of our mental and physical health — and it’s not going away anytime soon. We can transform stress into opportunity by learning to manage worry, taking action, and becoming lucid about what stresses us rather than live in reactivity. 

Immune Health Focus

By focusing on our immune system health, we can improve the body’s response to external pathogens and invaders. There are a surprising number of actions we can take to support the immune system — it’s just a matter of focus!

Digestion Focus

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, digestion is the ground zero starting point for every aspect of health. By systematically taking action to support good digestion, we can move to a state of improved health, happiness, and energy, allowing ourselves to gain more enjoyment from life. 

Cognitive Focus

Memory and mood are far easier to influence than we imagine, but it takes focus. Cognition is the way we look at things — our perception, mental attitudes, and beliefs. Rather than being at the mercy of mental habits, we can learn to deliberately manage thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve our wellbeing, and embrace those that do.  

Bring it All Into Focus

Click here to join the ORGANIC INDIA What’s Your Focus Program. Pick as many areas of focus as you like, then sign up for weekly motivational emails that provide food for thought, activities, and strategies for bringing stress, digestive health, immune system support, and cognitive health into focus — you will be provided with a 20% discount code for ORGANIC INDIA product bundles curated to support each area of focus. The product bundles are: 

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Jump in and banish nagging thoughts by bringing self-care into focus — you might be surprised to learn that focusing on one area brings other parts of life into focus!